Friday, July 18, 2014

Split Opinions on Tannehill Still Remain

As he prepares for his third season in the NFL, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill remains one of the most polarizing topics for Dol-Fans. While some view the 25-year old as being a future superstar, there are an equal number of critics who view Tannehill as being nothing more than a less-than-stellar QB with lackluster talent.

After a fairly mediocre 15-17 record over his first two seasons in the league, Tannehill is one of a number of Dolphins players who are heading into the new season with more than a point to prove, with Betfair punters still undecided over Miami's chances.

Tannehill's doubters will point to his lack of a deep ball and a tendency to hold the ball too long as reasons why he could struggle to ever really become a real threat in the league. But while Tannehill still has plenty left to learn, it's not as though he's had the best arsenal of weapons available to him. Without any real offensive stars, Tannehill has perhaps done as much as any quarterback could do to succeed on a team with low expectations, according to Betfair fans.

During his rookie campaign, his receiving unit consisted of Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Rishard Matthews and Marlon Moore. With all due respect to that quartet, the fact Tannehill finished that season with a quarterback rating of 50.4 says more about the QB than it does about the receivers.

After bolstering their receiving options, last season gave Tannehill another thing to worry about playing behind a fairly dismal offensive line. Despite being sacked a league-high 58 times during the year, the quarterback performed admirably throughout the regular season. He lead the Dolphins to an 8-8 record, even though a large number of Betfair punters expected a much worse season.

However, that offensive line has been significantly strengthened since the end of last season. Now Tannehill should have more adequate tools to prove he can lead the Dolphins for many seasons to come.

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