Friday, June 27, 2014

Is 2014 The Year Miami Dethrones New England?

Guest post by Phillip Fullam

Anyone who follows the AFC East knows that the New England Patriots have been downright dominant for the last several years. That trend looks like it will continue in 2014, but that won't stop the Miami Dolphins from challenging the favorites. With some offseason moves and a year of experience under their belt, they just might be able to pull it off.

The 2013 season started nicely for Miami, as they picked up some key wins early. However, the season took a turn for the worse as Miami began dropping games and encountered the Jonathan Martin dilemma.

Ryan Tannehill is no Tom Brady (at least not yet), but he's still an above average fantasy football quarterback with room to grow. He is hoping to connect with Mike Wallace more often and create the kind of synergy that makes immense impact on the team's offense. Wallace and Brian Hartline are still Miami's 1-2 options at receiver, with Charles Clay as a flex option.

Newcomer Knowshon Moreno was a fantasy football star last season, but he had the luxury of working with the AFC Champions Denver Broncos. His numbers will most likely take a hit in Miami, but he is still an upgrade at the running back position for Miami.

As New England ages, many think they become more and more vulnerable. However, they did make some interesting moves in the offseason to improve their roster and inject some youth. Their defense is primed to become better and they could have a more consistent offense if Rob Gronkowski can stay healthy.

It should be a battle between Miami and New England at the top of the division this season. Many predict that battle will end with the Patriots winning the division crown while the Dolphins secure a Wild Card spot. But the NFL is unpredictable and every season will bring its set of surprises. Miami hopes that they can be the ones to open eyes in 2014.

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