Sunday, April 14, 2013

Betting on the Next Miami Dolphins Game

Fans of the Miami Dolphins are brimming with anticipation as the new NFL season is set to commence next month. Although the first few weeks of the season consist of pre-season play which doesn’t count towards their record, it provides a perfect opportunity for fans to see what their team looks like on the field. Even though pre-season play isn’t counted for the regular season record, it is still the focus of numerous sports events.

Betting on pre-season games can be rather interesting as it really isn’t the type of competition expected during the regular season. Typically, teams will play their second, third and fourth string players, reserving their starters for the regular season which actually counts. Therefore, it makes it hard to know exactly which team to bet on. Even though Miami Dolphins fans may typically place their wager for their team, this isn’t always the best move in the world of sports betting. Certain factors that go in to determining who may win the game aren’t as important in the pre-season. For instance, during the regular season, home field advantage is often key but in these early games it doesn’t have as much influence.

While preparing for the new NFL season to begin, Miami Dolphins fans can also find some thrilling casino games at online casinos like Jackpot City. Many of the slot machines have been designed around sports themes, including football. One of the more popular games is 5 Million Dollar Touchdown. As the name implies there is in fact a jackpot worth $5 million. However, in order to qualify for this, players must bet the maximum bet on each spin. With a total of 20 paylines and a maximum coin denomination of $10, this means the maximum wager is $200. Even though some players simply cannot risk this much, it doesn’t mean money cannot be won by playing less paylines and a smaller bet.

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