Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miami Sports Website Veterans Create Alternative Sports Scene

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Owners of CrankUpTheHeat.com and MiamiSportsGeneration.com team up to create a new Miami sports website, covering all local teams and events in South Florida. LiveFromThe305.com will provide fresh content beyond game recaps and short-lived stories.


MIAMI, FL - Long gone are the days in which a website offered insightful news and a fresh take on the sports world. Lately, sports blogs and websites are settling for “cookie cutter” stories about overhyped topics, whether it’s Tim Tebow, LeBron James or the Los Angeles Lakers. Sports website gurus, Pedro Heizer and David J. Verjano, are primed to change all that. Heizer and Verjano are starting the newest Miami sports site that will revolutionize the way sports news is delivered to Miami fans: LiveFromThe305.com.

“Too many sites are sacrificing sports journalism in favor of drive-by entertainment,” says Pedro Heizer, the founder and editor of CrankUpTheHeat.com and 90MinutesStrong.com and sports editor of The Boca Raton Tribune. “People are ignorantly fed ‘Hotties of the Week’ and cliché, dated sports stories from sites that define themselves by social media fame.”

Live From The 305 will provide a unique balance of content that separates it from the excessive extravagance of sports infotainment blogs and the “cookie cutter” coverage of newspaper sites. The site will delve into stories that are beyond the box score and offer in-depth analysis of relevant Miami sports stories. Rather than wasting time on game recaps, Live From The 305 will deliver lasting, insightful coverage.

“We want to break away from the mold of entertainment sports sites and revolutionize the Miami sports scene,” says Verjano, founder and editor of MiamiSportsGeneration.com and an experienced Marketing Communications Professional. “That’s why we collaborated to launch Live From The 305.”

In addition to covering the major Miami sports teams, like the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins, Live From The 305 will also cover the Florida Panthers, Miami Hurricanes, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, and other local South Florida sports teams.

Heizer and Verjano are not only sports website veterans but savvy social media users as well, engaging the Miami sports community through various social media platforms. Heizer’s 90 Minutes Strong (@90MinutesStong), a soccer website, went from 100 followers to over 1,500 in less than a week. Live From The 305, a site dedicated to Miami and South Florida sports, will be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant social media platforms that may emerge in an effort to connect with fans.

“Reaching out to Miami sports fans and creating a discussion about local sports teams is just part of our passion,” stated Verjano. “We don’t just follow trends, we create them - to further the conversation, add greater insight and contribute to the fan IQ,” added Heizer.


LiveFromThe305.com is set to launch in March 2013. In the meantime, the latest news and updates on Live From The 305 can be found on Twitter (@The305Live), Facebook (Facebook.com/The305Live) and Instagram (@The305Live). To reach Pedro Heizer, email Pedro@LiveFromThe305.com and to reach David J. Verjano, email David@LiveFromThe305.com.

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Note from David: This by no means Miami Sports Generation is closing down. Instead we will collaborate and be a source of Miami sports news for Live From The 305. 

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