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Top 10 Heat Games to Watch (2012-13 Season)

UPDATED: August 11, 2012

Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions
As much as we loved watching the Miami Heat secure their 2nd NBA Championship, we're ready to see them make another title run! The NBA has officially announced the 2012-13 season schedule and we've analyzed it to determine the top 10 games to watch. Here they are:

Burning LeBron James Jersey #10: Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers - March 20, 2013

Let's face it, Cleveland hates the fact that LeBron James won it all in Miami. There's no doubt that it'll be fun to watch the Cleveland fans "welcome" their once beloved star and his championship team (it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?). In all likelihood, the game wont be too competitive but will still provide for great TV.

#9: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat - November 29, 2012 

The Spurs had an amazing run entering the 2012 playoffs and seemed unstoppable entering the Western Conference Finals. While their title run was stunted by the Oklahoma City Thunder, their season was definitely one to remember. With that said, the Spurs should be just as competitive next season and make for a great match-up against Miami.

#8: Brooklyn Nets @ Miami Heat - November 7, 2012

The freshly branded Brooklyn Nets enter next season with a new look and a retooled roster. Their offseason moves will surely make them a playoff contender, which could mean a potential post-season match-up against the Heat. Should be fun to watch Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez take on Miami's star-studded squad.

Blake Griffin dunking

#7: Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Clippers - November 14, 2012

Lob City East versus Lob City West. Need I say more? I mean the Clippers have a very talented roster that always is entertaining to watch, regardless of your team affiliation. This game should be filled with amazing alley-oops, thunderous dunks and pure athleticism.

#6: Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers - January 8, 2013

After a chippy second round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers, you can bet there will be some bad blood between these two when they meet. That's why we had to pencil in this match-up at #7. Miami will have to face a hostile Indiana crowd that still believes in their Gold Swagger.

#5: Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat - January 4, 2013

Assuming that Derrick Rose recovers from his ACL injury by next season, the Chicago Bulls will be a force in the Eastern Conference once again. The Bulls seem bring out the best in Miami whenever they match-up, which should make this meeting another clash of the East's elite.

Pat Riley and Ray Allen

#4: Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics - January 27, 2013

Circle this one on your calendars three times. Once for the rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals. Twice for the return of Ray Allen to Boston wearing his once-rival's jersey. And three times for all the shots Miami will be draining from beyond the arc. Okay, I got a little carried away there but regardless this is a must-watch game!

#3: Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers - January 17, 2013

The Los Angeles Lakers made a huge splash this offseason by acquiring two-time league MVP Steve Nash and perennial All-Star center Dwight Howard, rivaling Miami's 2010 offseason. These acquisitions immediately catapult LA to championship contender status without a doubt. This game will showcase two of the most star-studded lineups of all-time under the bright lights of Hollywood. As Terrell Owens would say, "get your popcorn ready!"

#2: Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat - October 30, 2012

Opening night! This is how you start off the season. Sure, the game at Boston will make for lots of drama but this one will rub the Celtics the wrong way as Miami raises their title banner and receives their championship rings. I expect Boston to come out swinging with full-out revenge in their eyes.

#1: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat  - December 25, 2012

This was a no-brainer; Finals rematch plus Christmas Day equals awesomeness! This match-up should provide the intensity of a playoff environment and will probably be the highest-rated game all season. You know OKC has painted the biggest bullseye possible on Miami's chest and they're preparing their arsenal just for this game. This one should be pure NBA magic; Where amazing happens. 

LeBron James versus Kevin Durant

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