Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fins Stuck in Their Old Ways

September 21, 2011
Written by Julia Chongarlides

Coming off back-to-back 7-9 seasons, the Miami Dolphins are still looking for answers but their 0-2 start this season will make it an uphill climb. The Fins have an exceptionally inexperienced team this year with no depth. They have 15 players that have two years or less playing in the NFL. Vontae Davis will be playing on limited basis with a hamstring injury and Karlos Dansby is out with an injured groin. This allows for second-year player Nolan Carroll and veteran Will Allen, re-signed by the Dolphins on September 14 after Benny Sapp was fired, a chance to see some snaps. They're hoping to avoid another embarrassing performance like when they gave up 517 yards to Tom Brady in the season opener.

After last Sunday’s loss versus the Houston Texans, Coach Sparano and Linebacker Jason Taylor said the Dolphins need more confidence. But where does Miami find the confidence when they've had no success thus far? This is the most mind-boggling question facing the team right now. This is especially true when most of Miami's young players are still trying to find their own self-confidence and comfort in a brand new league. Daniel Thomas, running back out of Kansas State, had some good runs but gave up one crucial fumble last game. While the rookie looks like he has potential, he still has plenty to learn.

Acquiring veteran Reggie Bush in a pre-season trade that sent reserve safety Jonathan Amaya to New Orleans was perceived as a sign of improvement for Miami. But Bush has only recorded a total of 17 carries and 56 yards rushing to begin the 2011 season with the Miami Dolphins. That’s not exactly the Reggie Bush fans were hoping to see at Sun Life Stadium.

But are fans really hoping to see their guys in aqua and orange win at home this season? The Fins are 1-11 over the past 12 home games. That's why it might be a good sign for Miami to be on the road for 5 out of the next 6 games. Perhaps they will earn the label of road warriors as they did early on last season.

The Dolphins head to Ohio this Sunday to face Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll's former team, the Cleveland Browns. Kickoff starts at 1:00 PM EST on CBS.

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