Saturday, May 28, 2011

Without Doubt, Heat Reach NBA Finals

May 27, 2011

Three minutes left. Ten points down. And all fingers pointing to a trip back to Miami for game six.

Then, we witnessed the magic that two NBA superstars can orchestrate in the clutch. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James grabbed their capes and tightly strapped them around their necks to lift Miami to an unexpected series-clinching victory. One could say "where there's a will, there's a Wade (and a James)." It was a spectacle that shocked the city of Chicago, infuriated the Heat haters and set off celebrations across South Florida. Most of all, it was a moment that took Pat Riley's vision one step closer to fruition.

Chicago scored more points in the paint, secured more rebounds and dished out more assists than Miami. Given these three stat points one would believe that the Bulls emerged victorious. However, the Heat defied the odds and overcame adversity when it counted most. In essence, Miami has overcome adversity all season long and this was just another notch on their belt.

Now what separates Miami from it's second title is a heated Finals rematch against the Dallas Mavericks. Best of all, the Heat will be able to avenge their two regular season losses to the Mavs and silence the outspoken mouth of Mark Cuban.

Do not doubt for one second that Miami remembers the billboard-sized poster that Dallas plastered outside their arena, which proclaimed "Beat the Heat" back in their November match-up. Do not doubt for one second that the Heat took note of Cuban's comments on how "great" Miami's early season struggles were.

When it comes to Miami's determination to beat the Mavericks and take the title, there is no doubt.

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