Thursday, May 12, 2011

No Stopping Them Now

May 12, 2011

With an emphatic breakaway dunk to seal a series win over the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat made a strong statement to the basketball world: "We are the new beasts of the East." The Heat knew that in order to take the next step toward becoming elite they would have to defeat the reigning Eastern Conference Champions first. There may be plenty of basketball to be played before Miami can hoist up that Larry O'Brien trophy but their destiny is already clear.

As arrogant as this may sound, there is no stopping the Heat now. After all of the turmoil, criticism and pressure-packed experiences Miami went through this season they will make sure their success won't go to waste.

These players did not take less money to lose in the Eastern Conference Finals nor in the NBA Finals.

These players did not sacrifice fame and ego to falter now.

These players did not come this far to go home now.

Sorry Chicago and Atlanta, the Heat are an unstoppable freight train right now that not even Denzel Washington can bring to a screeching halt. Same goes for Dallas, Oklahoma City and Memphis. As great of a run those teams have had, none of them have been motivated and tested as much as the Heat by swarms of haters and doubters.

Dwyane Wade once said, "doubt me, I love it." That has become a phrase that the entire team has embraced and used as fuel for their fire. And right now, that fire has become a full blown inferno.

This inferno is burning away all the doubts that many critics fasted onto Miami from the moment of LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, creating the new Big Three. They wont be able to set aside their egos. Their bench is too thin. They can't win close games. All of these criticisms have now been burned.

And this is only the beginning. The blaze has just ignited and Miami is prepared to leave a trail of destruction on their path toward the title. I will say it again, there is no stopping them now.

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