Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Can Browns Do for Dolphins?

February 10, 2011

With news coming out of the Cleveland Browns camp yesterday that they would be releasing several veterans, the immediate reaction of some Dol-Fans was: What can the Browns do for us?

Well it won't be the first time that Miami has a shot at taking something from Cleveland (LeBron James is looking pretty good in a Heat uniform). However, unlike "The Decision," these guys didn't have a one-hour prime time special to let the world know where they're headed. Instead this was a swift kick in the butt by a Browns team in transition.

With that said, let's get to the point of this story.

The six veterans released include DL Shaun Rogers, LB David Bowens, TE Robert Royal, OT John St. Clair, DL Kenyon Coleman and LB Eric Barton.

Nothing eye-popping in that list but some viable back-up options that could add depth to the Fins' roster. And when you go for veterans, it's really a crap shoot.

Nevertheless, the two most notable names on that list are Rogers and Bowens. Last season there was some speculation as to whether the Dolphins would pursue Rogers or not. Rogers is a big body that can help push some bodies and clog some lanes in a limited basis. Miami has been lacking that extra "oomph" up front on the middle of the D-line for a few seasons now, and Rogers could provide a fraction of that "oomph."

As for Bowens, he's a former Dolphin who played six seasons in Miami. He racked up18 sacks in his final three years with the Fins. Adding a veteran presence to a mostly young linebacking core can't hurt Miami, if they can get Bowens for cheap.

Both Rogers and Bowens seem like worthy additions to a team that constantly finds itself in need of reserves.

Key word: seem. Nothing is for sure.

Even if Miami adds one or more of the Browns' released vets, this will not catapult Miami to the next level. At best it would make the team deeper but not that much better. At any rate, it never hurts to have an insurance policy on your roster (even if that insurance isn't guaranteed).

Stay tuned to see if the Dolphins show any interest in Rogers, Bowens or any of the others in the coming days. We'll keep updating this post with any developments.

P.S. Does anyone else think that Shaun Rogers is related to Rick Ross?


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