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Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Buzz

January 10, 2011
Update: January 11, 2011 @ 3:25 AM

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Miami Dolphin's QB Coach David Lee will be "leaving the turmoil to take lucrative job as Ole Miss offensive coordinator." That eliminates Lee as Miami's next offensive coordinator. In related news, ESPN Insider Tim Kavanagh tossed out the name of a former NFL coach into the pot of potential Dolphin OCs - Jim Fassel.
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Brandon Marshall's presence in (what was supposed to be) a revamped Miami Dolphins offense, proved to be a missed opportunity in 2010. But the brunt of this mishap can be placed on Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning. Henning failed to orchestrate play calls that enhanced Miami's passing game and built on their running game, leaving the Dolphins to suffer as a result. In 2010, the Fins ranked 21st in total offense (a minor drop from 17th in 2009) and 16th in passing (a minor step up from 20th in 2009). Lucky for Dol-Fans, things are set to change as Henning won't be sitting up in a Dolphins booth next season after reports of an impending retirement.

So the search for a new OC begins!

An in-house option for Miami is Quarterback Coach David Lee - the man who proposed the Widcat scheme to Tony Sparano in 2008. Lee is seen as an innovator on offense and somewhat of a risk-taker (as seen with his bold suggestion to add the Wildcat). Promoting Lee to OC would benefit a Miami offense that has been lackluster and simply boring for large stretches of games in recent years. Not to mention, his experience with QBs would likely improve the Dolphins' passing game from a scheme standpoint. However, with the Chad Henne era seemingly over and the QB position in flux, improving the passing game may prove to be more challenging from a practical standpoint.    

As for the outside options, one notable name that has been a part of speculation is ex-Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. This name may be a flashy, edgy (whatever you want to call it) option but it seems to make very little sense. First off, McDaniels was a driving force in Mike Nolan's departure from Denver as well as Marshall's trade to Miami. Bringing him in would probably create tension in the organization, unless McDaniels wishes to mend those wounds. Another point against a McDaniels-to-Miami deal is the recent OC opening in Kansas City after reports that Charlie Weis will leave to the University of Florida. McDaniels knows Chiefs' General Manager Scott Pioli from their time together in New England and could be decide to join forces with him once again. In sum, the chances seem slim for the Dolphins to go this route.

Beyond that, The Palm Beach Post has provided an in-depth list of possible suitors for Miami's OC job opening. If you're interested, you can take a look at the full story here. But to give you a glimpse at some of the names mentioned, here's a few of them:
  • Maurice Carthon
  • Bill Musgrave
  • Chris Palmer
  • Paul Chudzinski

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