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Word Around Miami - September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

Can you feel that in the air? That feeling of pure sports euphoria that is in the air in Miami, Florida? Even though the Miami Dolphins lost Sunday night versus the hated New York Jets, the game was packed with plenty of excitement. And Tuesday afternoon brought more to the table for Miami sports fans as the Miami Heat began their training camp. Here's what is being said about each of the teams:

Miami Heat

LeBron James is making his presence known in Miami just after one training camp session at Eglin Air Force Base. writer Couper Moorhead emphasized James' vocal leadership on defense in an article on the Heat's training camp opener: "The first sound you heard as the double doors opened on the Miami HEAT’s first official practice was that of LeBron James calling out screens for his teammates. And his voice carries. Far." ( article)

In a somewhat related note, the Heat shared a special moment with the servicemen at Eglin Air Force Base in remembrance of a fallen soldier. Senior Airman Daniel R. Sanchez paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country as member of the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron. As Ira Winderman puts it, "It is the very fact that Pat Riley stressed last week, when the Heat president announced that training camp would be held this week at a military installation, of how we remain a nation at war, and how we should never be allowed to forget. In some small way, he hoped this experience will delivery clarity to that reality." (Sun-Sentinel article)
    Miami Dolphins

    A loss is never easy to digest in the NFL, particularly when it's your first of the season and against a division rival (and not just any rival, the boisterous Jets to be exact). Regardless of the bitter emotions incited from Sunday's game, there were significant positives to take from Miami's week three game. Andy Kent of cites Miami's offensive explosion (436 total yards) against the 2009 top-ranked Jets defense and Chad Henne's career-high 363 passing yards as signs of progress for this Dolphins team. ( article)

    In answer to one of the Dolphins' home-opener critiques, Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel responded to doubters of the Wildcat offense. His statement: Don't kill the Wildcat, use it more effectively. Some have suggested that the Fins rid themselves of the formation altogether, but Hyde contends "the Wildcat needs re-thinking, not deep-sixing. In a certain situation, against a certain team, it still has a place." (Sun-Sentinel article)

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