Friday, September 17, 2010

No Consensus on Heat Trio Nickname

September 17, 2010

You have probably heard them all by now. Signature nicknames referring to the Miami Heat's newest group of star athletes have been thrown around since LeBron James uttered the words "South Beach" on ESPN. However, amongst the myriad of titles - some clever (some not so much) - there has been no overwhelming consensus as to what James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh should be dubbed.

A running poll on our site logged 101 responses regarding what nickname fans would prefer. Here is what the fans had to say:

Beyond the limits of our own poll, we have discovered a bevy of other nicknames not included in our choices. For instance, A Palm Beach Post blog entry documented the "Top Ten Nicknames" for the trio, including interesting options like "LeBroshAde" and "Mia Slamma Jamma." But the most comprehensive poll can be found on Hot Hot Hoops, where over 70 choices were given to respondents to pick from. So many that we aren't even going to begin listing them (you can go ahead and check them out yourself).

And amidst all the various polls and articles, we find no common ground amongst Heat fans. What this likely means is that Wade, James and Bosh will go without a unanimous tag.

This only makes things harder for reporters, beat writers and other media members as they'll fumble across the laundry list of nicknames each time they refer to the three players. It may get confusing at times, but it should make for some interesting coverage of the team (as if their union wasn't interesting enough).

However, there is one solution to this minor dilemma: winning championships. That will give the Miami Heat the collective nickname of "Champions" as opposed to a nickname isolating three of the team's fifteen players. After all, the purpose of the Wade, James and Bosh alliance was for the sake of earning titles. They risked their individual fame for a collective effort, thus they shouldn't mind sharing the stage with the rest of their teammates.

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