Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miami's Last Man In?

July 27, 2010

With the re-signing of Shavlik Randolph to the Miami Heat roster, there is only one final spot left on the team. Who will be the last man in?

We weigh in.

Against common belief, Miami went ahead and re-signed Randolph in a subtle and unexpected manner. It was rumored earlier that both of Miami's remaining 2010 draftees could fill the final two roster voids. Not to mention, Jerry Stackhouse was also thrown into the equation as a veteran option for the Heat.

It is well-documented that Miami is playing with a tight budget when it comes to roster building in the post-"Three Kings" signing era. So it is obvious that their final move will be a cheap one, whether they pursue a rookie, D-Leaguer or NBA veteran. Some of their options are as follows:
  • PF - Jarvis Varnado (Rookie)
  • SF - Da'Sean Butler (Rookie)
  • SF - Jerry Stackhouse (Veteran)
  • SG - Michael Finley (Veteran)
  • SF - Tracy McGrady (Veteran)
  • PG - Kenny Hasbrouck (D-Leaguer)
  • PG - John Lucas III (D-Leaguer)
That list may not be filled with prime quality players, but it does contain many different options. What matters the most here is Miami's goals with their final roster spot. Will it be to add depth with a dependable and proven option? If so, a veteran will be tabbed for the position. Will they seek a young athlete with some experience and room for potential growth? Then a D-Leaguer may fit their wants the best. However if that 15th man will just be a bench warmer, then perhaps a rookie may be the best solution. That way, he earns valuable mentorship under the other veterans on the team and has time to develop into an NBA-ready player.

With plenty of experience already on the Heat roster, the most fitting option seems to be going with a rookie. And just by the sake of each rookie's situation, Varnado may be the chosen one as Butler is still under a deep recovery process as a result of his knee surgery. That does not mean Butler is out of the equation though. The front office may see more potential in him than they do in Varnado, hence giving him the edge despite his circumstances.

Either way, Miami has a pair of quality college players on their hands, both of which played four years at their respective universities and have plenty of maturity to go with their games. While the goal may be to compete this season and for many more to come, it won't hurt the Heat to keep a work-in-progress in their hip progress. Heck, they did it with Dorell Wright and he came through in his final season. Why not take that same minimal risk this time around?

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Diego said...

Good points. I definitely feel that Miami will fill out its roster with young prospects. The Heat just signed Kenny Hasbrouck, another player from the Heat's summer league. Teams can have up to 20 players invited to training camp, so there will probably be a few draft picks and young players fighting for the last two spots on the roster.

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