Thursday, July 22, 2010

Arroyo to Sign, Two Roster Spots Left

July 22, 2010

On Wednesday night PG Carlos Arroyo stated that he will be joining the Miami Heat for a second consecutive season, making him the 13th player on the revamped Heat roster. Arroyo's presence brings much needed depth at the point guard position, especially after Mario Chalmers' recent ankle injury about a week ago. However, this move does something else for Miami: limits their choices for the final two roster spots.

Rookie draft pick Dexter Pittman has already reached an agreement with the Heat, but Jarvis Varnado and Da'Sean Butler have not. Other names have been thrown into the pool of potential Heat signees, including D-League standout Kenny Hasbrouck and his league comrade Garret Siler. Not to mention, other veterans are still out there for the taking if Miami chooses to go that route (Jerry Stackhouse made an on-air pitch to join Miami just the other day).

That makes things highly competitive between all prospective players seeking a contract with the Heat. And while the talent pool may not be filled with the cream of the crop, there are two routes Miami can take with this decision: Go for potential in a rookie or D-Leaguer or take the proven, yet limited, commodity of a veteran.

It is unlikely that these two roster spots will make or break the team's chances at a title, however it may play a role in the team's future. Whether it may be discovering the value of a young athlete for a cheap price or taking a hit to the cap with the trusted services of a veteran (e.g. offering another veteran minimum contract), these moves will definitely have an impact.

With training camp just around the corner, expect the final two roster spots to be filled in the coming weeks. Will the two second-round draft picks earn their spots on the team? Or will the D-Leaguers steal a spot or two? How about those savvy veterans looking for their first ring? The questions will be answered soon enough.

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