Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marshall to Dolphins Narrows Draft Choices

April 14, 2010

Update (4/15/10): Click here to watch the Brandon Marshall press conference.

The day that all DolFans have been waiting for has arrived: The Miami Dolphins have addressed the No. 1 wide receiver spot. In what developed rapidly without much media coverage, the Dolphins reached an agreement with the Denver Broncos to send them a 2010 and 2011 2nd round draft pick in return for WR Brandon Marshall. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that according to a league source, Marshall and the Dolphins subsequently agreed on a four-year, $47.5 million contract extension that includes $24 million in guaranteed money. This coming after WR Santonio Holmes was shipped off to the New York Jets for a 5th round pick.

Now that the arms race for wide receivers in the AFC East is seemingly over, the Dolphins can now narrow their choices for the upcoming draft. We now know that Dez Bryant will not be a Miami Dolphin come April 22nd. We also have reason to believe that Rolando McClain will not be the name called at number 12 overall. Thus, we are left with three positions: OLB, DE, and DT.

We've heard of Sergio Kindle as a back-up option, but the likelihood of him landing in Miami has just increased dramatically. The need for a pass rusher is perhaps the most dire priority for the Fins, especially with Jason Taylor in talks with the Jets. But some believe that a DE could meet those needs and combo as an OLB in Miami's 3-4 defense. That's where DE Derrick Morgan and DE Jason Pierre-Paul come into the picture. Both considered athletic specimens of elite ranking, but may have struggles adapting to a different defensive scheme. That's where DT Dan Williams comes in, which would be the least buzz-worthy pick for the Dolphins to make, but likely a solid one.

In losing this season's second round draft pick for Marshall, Miami now must make their first rounder count even more. Given, Marshall is worthy of that second rounder and Miami would have likely used either their first or second round pick to draft a WR otherwise. But now with one less selection, the choice becomes a bit more difficult.

In all, DolFans cannot complain about management's approach to this offseason. While it may have been frustrating to see other teams improve while Miami sat back, patience was a virtue as it landed them Brandon Marshall. In reality, whomever Miami picks at number 12 will be one that fans will be fine with. The real excitement has already arrived in the form of Chad Henne's new target.

Let's see if Marshall can mimic his 21-reception performance in a Dolphins uniform.

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The Dolphins Highest Draft Priority Is...
12 (16%)
Wide Receiver
37 (50%)
11 (15%)
Defensive Tackle
9 (12%)
Tight End
3 (4%)
1 (1%)

Total Votes: 73

We've had a running poll for quite some time now regarding the Dolphins highest draft priority. Prior to acquiring Marshall, fans believed that WR was the most significant position to address via draft. Clearly that has changed and the draft priority now shifts to another position. What do you think is the new priority?


The Rocker said...

You have completely left out the FS position as a possible 1st round pick

David J. Verjano said...

@ The Rocker - The only reason why I have left out S is because of the lack of options at that position. Outside of Eric Berry, only Earl Thomas is a worthy first-rounder. But at #12 overall, he may be a reach. If the Dolphins trade down in the first round, then drafting Thomas and addressing the FS position is more likely.

Your point is noted though, FS is a position of need, but expect Miami to fill that void one way or another.

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