Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Draft Projections Shift for Dolphins

March 10, 2010

Update (4/14/10): Brandon Marshall's acquisition has further shifted Miami's draft projections.

With constant developments in the NFL offseason, draft projections are bound to change according to every new situation. As we stated in an earlier article, we predicted that the Miami Dolphins draft plans have significantly changed as a result of Karlos Dansy's acquisition. But we are not the only ones that think so.

ESPN's very own Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have updated their mock drafts to include a new projection at the number twelve spot. Whereas linebacker was once the supposed position to be addressed by Miami in the first round, the necessity for a defensive tackle has emerged as the new contender. Even though the Fins re-signed recently suspended DT Jason Ferguson, eight games without their starting hole-plugger will leave a huge void in the defensive front seven.

That is why Kiper and McShay have labeled the 6'3, 237-pound defensive tackle out of Tennessee as the likely first round pick for the Dolphins. His name: Dan Williams. His draft stock: skyrocketing.

Here's a guy who went from being initially projected as going undrafted in 2010 to opening eyes of NFL scouts with his workouts and physical development. Today Williams has become a first round choice without a doubt in the eyes of analysts and talent evaluators.

ESPN Insider grades Williams with a score of 93 out of 100 among defensive tackle prospects, ranking him second behind UCLA's Brian Price. The promising D-Lineman was a dominant force in the SEC last season and could be a solid match for Miami's needs upfront. While he may not seem as impressive as Ndamokung Suh or Gerald McCoy, Williams has the strength, size and discipline to make a significant impact in the NFL. After all, the University of Tennessee has brought out some DT studs, like Albert Haynesworth, up to the pro level.

If Dan Williams is Miami's choice, DolFans can only hope he adds to that Tennessee tradition.

But then again, we could be talking about another 12th pick prospect a week from now.


Carlos Serrano said...

I really think the Dolphins should find young offensive talent. Of course the D is not going to be the same as a couple of years ago, but the Fins should really find a wide receiver. Dez Bryant is probably the best wide out but if Brandon Marshall doesn't resign with the Broncos, Bryant will most likely go 11th overall rather than 12th. C.J Spiller can be another route to go to. Will Ricky have enough gas left in the tank? A two head monster of Spiller and Brown doesn't seem too shabby eh? But if D is needed in the first pick; free safety in mind? I had no idea who Gibril Wilson was and I think he got cut.. Ryan Clark stayed with the Steelers and Antrel Rolle signed with the Giants, I don't think Eric Berry will be available but who knows, Earl Thomas and Taylor Mays could be stars.

Hope everything is fine! Take care.

David J. Verjano said...

@ Carlos - Your point is well taken. Wide receiver is definitely a necessity if the Dolphins hope to reach the next level with their offense. This wide recieving core as is will not cut it. With that said, if Dez Bryant is available at 12, then the Dolphins should take that risk and hope for great reward.

But then again, we cannot underestimate some of the other wide outs available later on, such as Golden Tate. If Miami can find a way to address their defensive needs (i.e. NT, OLB or S) in the first and still get a quality WR in the second or third, then so be it.

You can count on this: this draft will go deep fore the Dolphins, just as the last two have gone. What will be most exciting is which unknown player will be the next Kendall Langford, Donald Thomas or Phillip Merling - all late picks, all current impact players.

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