Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Isiah and FIU, There's Always Next Season

February 28, 2010

A record of 7-24 is not what FIU had in mind when they brought in Isiah Thomas to lead their basketball team to the next level. With no shot at the NCAA tournament, the hoops program must turn its attention to next season and their recruitment efforts. While patience is a virtue and Miami is not know for such virtue, FIU's hoops program is progressively improving.

The time for FIU may not be now, but the shining beacon in the distance is steadily growing brighter and inching closer.

The allure of South Florida and the notoriety of Coach Thomas is drawing interest from four and five star recruits across the country, something that was not possible just a year back. High caliber college basketball programs are established on the front-lines of recruitment, securing commitments and letters of intent from top-ranked high school prospects. With the impending recruiting classes for 2011 and 2012, expect a surprisingly impressive class for the Golden Panthers.

With a chip on his shoulder, Coach Thomas will be out to prove that his mishaps in New York were an anomaly and college coaching has brighter days ahead for him. The last thing the NBA Hall of Famer would want is the tainted image of a disastrous coaching and management career.

As for those who are into march madness betting, keep FIU in mind as they are just a season or two away from banking home some key upsets in the big tourney. And perhaps the sports betting world will soon see the Golden Panthers in the sweet sixteen, elite eight, final four or the NCAA championship. But that is all wishful thinking if commitments fall through, chemistry goes sour and Coach Thomas does not deliver. With that said, FIU's strong push for excellence in athletics and Isiah's drive to regain glory are factors that should not be bet against.

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