Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patriots-Dolphins: Locker Room Quotes

December 8th, 2009

After a staunch defensive showing in the forth quarter and a late-game field goal, the Miami Dolphins emerged victorious from the heated divisional show off against the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon. With their backs pressed firmly against the wall of fate, Miami inched within one game of the AFC East and kept their slim playoff hopes alive.

A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction was palpable in the locker room. Players were animated with smiles on their faces and confidence in their words. Here were some of the quotes we took from the Dolphins locker room:
  • Chad Henne on putting plays behind him and executing: "I guess that's my whole career[...] I learned in high school and through college[...] if you dwell on it you aren't gonna be as good as you want."
  • Davone Bess on not giving up: "This was it, I mean, [a loss] would've been devastating. Don't think for one second that didn't go through our head. We made sure that we didn't want to make that mistake."
  • Greg Camarillo on delivering as a wide receiving core: "It's great. As a receiving core, all you ask for is an opportunity to prove yourself[...] But it's not just us, you gotta credit the O-Line. They did a great job of protecting Chad. And give Chad all the credit for delivering the ball on target."
  • Jason Taylor on Channing Crowder's interception: "The lord blessed him with a lot of things, but good set of hands wasn't one of them. But it worked today, it worked today[...] Pre-game I'm catching a lot of passes and he's is laughing at me[...] I said 'this is why I always make plays on the ball, because I work on it, unlike you - you always drop everything.' He ended the game with a catch and got the last laugh."
  • Lousaka Polite on delivering on 3rd and short, 4th and short: "I know my teammates and my coaches count on me and they call my number because they believe in me, so it's an honor[...] All I think about is just trying to get that first down."
  • Randy Starks on improving his game, taking greater responsibilities: "I'm just learning how to be a professional. The game is starting to slow down for me, I'm starting to see everything clear. And my conditioning is up, so I'm able to go harder on more plays."
  • Sean Smith on stopping the Patriots in the 4th quarter: "Our forth quarter has been the worst for us[...] The big thing we had to work on is finishing[...] We knew definitely what the stakes were coming into the game and we had no choice but to come out and beat them, really."
  • Yeremiah Bell on Vontae Davis and Sean Smith: "You know, those guys are gonna make plays. That's one thing I can say about those two guys, they have short memory at corner and go out and compete on every down. No matter if a [receiver] catches a long pass, those guys go back to the huddle and get ready for the next play. That's a special quality that you can't find in too many young corners."
  • Yeremiah Bell on Joey Porter saying "it's a war" and wearing fatigues: "That's Joey. That's what he's gonna do - he wears them at practice. You know, Joey is a motivator for everybody, he'll get you up no matter what mood you're in, he'll get you ready to play. He's a guy we love having in this locker room and a guy that will get your motor going."
*Stay tuned for audio footage of these locker room interviews and sound bites.

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