Monday, November 16, 2009

If You're Not Convinced on Dwyane Wade...

November 16, 2009

In the past few games Dwyane Wade has already proven that he is prepared to embark on another MVP-esque season en route to leading Miami to the playoffs. Whether it's being a stellar playmaker or making the shots when the game is on the line, Wade is the Heat's end all be all at this point.

And the team has followed his lead by supporting his efforts on the offensive end. While Wade has averaged almost 30 points a night in the first nine games of the season, three other Heat players are averaging over 12 points per game.

Role players have stepped up in all shapes and forms. You never know when the second leading scorer will be Jermaine O'Neal, Michael Beasley, Quentin Richardson, Daequan Cook, Mario Chalmers or Udonis Haslem (yes, Udonis Haslem).

The Heat have not been blown out once this season and with a revamped defensive commitment they have placed themselves in a position to win every game, all thanks to the collective play of the team. And with every game in reach, what better person to trust in the clutch than D. Wade.

On Saturday night Wade hit a game-winning shot against the New Jersey Nets, just when everyone thought the game had gone awry. He stepped up like he did in the 2006 NBA Finals and various times in the 2008 season.

The verdict is in: Wade is back for more.

Miami's star guard is playing with a renewed focus on winning as he enters his contract year. Fans can see this in the fierce drives he takes to the hoop and the confident perimeter jump shots he hoists, all which deflate opposing teams. Need we mention the ferocious dunk Wade slammed over Cleveland Cavalier Power Forward, Anderson Varejao?

The fire is there and the potential is endless for him in this rising young team. Even the elite teams in the East have their calendars marked when they face the Heat this season.

(Dwyane Wade emphatically dunks over Anderson Varejao)

(Wade hits a buzzer-beater to defeat the New Jersey Nets)

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