Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AFC Playoff Hopeful Teams

November 24, 2009

Week 12 is about to get kicked off on Thursday with 3 Thanksgiving day games. it only means one thing - teams are ready to make a push for the playoffs. Today we will look at strength of schedule for the teams that are making a push to the post season.

Division Leaders:

AFC South - Indianapolis Colts 10-0

Week 12 - Houston Texans 5-5
Week 13 - Tennessee Titans 4-6
Week 14 - Denver Broncos 6-4
Week 15 - Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4
Week 16 - New York Jets 4-6
Week 17 - Buffalo Bills 3-7

Opponents Winning Percentage - .466

The Colts have the second hardest schedule among teams that are in the playoff hunt. Their next two games are against divisional foes Houston, who almost took one away from the Colts at Indy week 9, and Tennessee who on a four games winning streak with Vince Young.

AFC East - New England Patriots 7-3

Week 12 - New Orleans Saints 10-0
Week 13 - Miami Dolphins 5-5
Week 14 - Carolina Panthers 4-6
Week 15 - Buffalo Bills 3-7
Week 16 - Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4
Week 17 - Houston Texans 5-5

Opponents Winning Percentage - .550

The Pats have the hardest schedule among the teams in this article. Their toughest game comes this week against the undefeated New Orleans Saints at the Superdome. Two weeks ago the Pats had a chance to knock off the undefeated Colts but a crucial decision of going for it on 4 and 2 eventually ended up costing them the game.

AFC North - Cincinnati Bengals 7-3

Week 12 - Cleveland Browns 1-9
Week 13 - Detroit Lions 2-8
Week 14 - Minnesota Vikings 9-1
Week 15 - San Diego Chargers 7-3
Week 16 - Kansas City Chiefs 3-7
Week 17 - New York Jets 4-7

Opponents Winning Percentage - .435

The Bengals next two games are against two of the worst teams in the NFL but last week the lowly Raiders defeated the Bengals in overtime. Cincinnati is one of the biggest surprises of this year. After HBO featured them on their Hard Knocks show over the summer the Bengals have lived up to the name of the show. Can they keep up with the pace?

AFC West - San Diego Chargers 7-3

Week 12 - Kansas City Chiefs
Week 13 - Cleveland Browns
Week 14 - Dallas Cowboys
Week 15 - Cincinnati Bengals
Week 16 - Tennessee Titans
Week 17 - Washington Redskins

Opponents Winning Percentage - .416

The Chargers have ripped off 5 in a row. They are not showing any signs of slowing down and with the Broncos on a tailspin, San Diego has a good chance of taking the AFC West for the 4th straight year.

Wild Card Race

Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4

Week 12 - San Francisco 4-6
Week 13 - Houston Texans 5-5
Week 14 - Miami Dolphins 5-5
Week 15 - Indianapolis Colts 10-0
Week 16 - New England Patriots 7-3
Week 17 - Cleveland Browns - 1-9

Opponents Winning Percentage .533

The meat of the Jaguars remaining schedule is on the road. They visit Houston, Miami, and Indianapolis before coming home to face the Patriots. Jacksonville's chance will not be clear until after their week 16 match up with the Patriots.

Houston Texans 5-5

Week 12 - Indianapolis Colts 10-0
Week 13 - Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4
Week 14 - Seattle Seahawks 3-7
Week 15 - St. Louis Rams 1-9
Week 16 - Miami Dolphins 5-5
Week 17 - New England Patriots 7-3

Opponents Winning Percentage .533

The Texans have the hardest schedule of the teams in the hunt not based on games played. They play four teams in the hunt that have a combined .700 winning percentage. Houston is 1-3 in divisional play this year and their last two games were losses to divisional foes.

Miami Dolphins 5-5

Week 12 - Buffalo Bills 3-7
Week 13 - New England Patriots 7-3
Week 14 - Jacksonville Jaguars 6-4
Week 15 - Tennessee Titans 4-6
Week 16 - Houston Texans 5-5
Week 17 - Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4

Opponents Winning Percentage .516

After an 0-3 start, the Dolphins have turned it around mostly in part due to two big wins against the New York Jets but with the lose of Ronnie Brown and DE Jason Ferguson Miami is going to need to step up the game in order to be contenders. The Dolphins sort of control their own destiny. The play three teams, Jacksonville, Houston, and Pittsburgh that stand in their way of the wild card. If the Dolphins win out the will clinch you of the two wildcard spots.

Baltimore Ravens 5-5

Week 12 - Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4
Week 13 - Green Bay Packers 6-4
Week 14 - Detroit Lions 2-8
Week 15 - Chicago Bears 4-6
Week 16 - Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4
Week 17 - Oakland Raiders 3-7

Opponents Winning Percentage .450

The Ravens have to be the best .500 team in the NFL. The only problem is that luck is not on their side. they lost to Minnesota on a missed field goal ass time expired and to the Colts while in field goal range to go up and leave 2:00 minutes left in the 4th quarter. They failed to convert on a 4th down on the New England 14 that could of lead to a victory. They still have to crucial games against the Steelers that could make them or break them.

Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4

Week 12 - Baltimore Ravens 5-5
Week 13 - Oakland Raiders 3-7
Week 14 - Cleveland Browns 1-9
Week 15 - Green Bay Packers 6-4
Week 16 - Baltimore Ravens 5-5
Week 17 - Miami Dolphins 5-5

Opponents Winning Percentage .416

Last week was not good for the Steelers. First Roethlisberger gets knocked out of the game. then they lose to the Chiefs in overtime and Backup QB Charlie Batch suffered a wrist injury and is out 6 weeks. Big Ben's status is still uncertain even thou he says he feels better. Two big games against the Ravens still remaining on schedule.

Denver Broncos 6-4

Week 12 - New York Giants 6-4
Week 13 - Kansas City Chiefs 3-7
Week 14 - Indianapolis Colts 10-0
Week 15 - Oakland Raiders 3-7
Week 16 - Philadelphia Eagles 6-4
Week 17 - Kansas City Chiefs 3-7

Opponents Winning Percentage .516

The Denver Broncos started on fire this year. They were the biggest story of the year after starting the season 6-0 with big wins versus New England, Dallas and San Diego. The Broncos lost four straight after Qb Kyle Orton went down with a foot injury. If Denver hope to make a push and keep up ground they are going to have to return to early season form.

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