Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saints vs Dolphins Post-Game Interviews

It was unforeseeable. The outcome of the game may have been expected with odds favoring New Orleans, but not they way it all played out. Miami jumped to a surprising lead early in the game, making everyone watching believe that dethroning the Saints was possible. And it was, but in the end possibility did not turn into reality.

A tale of two halves is the best way to describe Sunday afternoon's game at Land Shark Stadium. From Miami dominating in the first half to the Saints taking over after halftime, it was as if two completely different games took place in Miami, Florida. Leading 24-3 just moments before the half did not prove enough to psyche out the undefeated Saints and the tables turned in quick and drastic fashion - to the point that one could believe both teams switched jerseys at the half.

Here is some exclusive locker room footage after the game (just select the second option from the playlist):


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mcteems said...

Thanks for the audio. Good stuff.

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