Monday, October 12, 2009

Coaches Not Taking Chances After Tebow Concussion

With the current ranking system in NCAA Football, ranked teams not only have to beat teams they are supposed to beat but they must do it convincingly. For years powerhouse schools preyed on the weak. They ran up the score and showed no mercy. It wasn't done to embarrass anyone - it was they law of the land.

That's exactly what #1 Florida was doing in their game against Kentucky. Up 34-7 half way through the third quarter, Tim Tebow was attempting to capitalize on a 74-yard drive when the unthinkable happened.

DE Taylor Wyndham came around the corner with a full head of steam and speared Tebow to the ground. On the way down, Tebow's head hit the knee of teammate Marcus Gilbert and his neck violently whipped forward.

As Tebow lay unconscious on the Kentucky 14-yard line, the questions began to swirl: With such a big lead why was Tebow still in the game? Why would Urban Myer take that risk?

But no one was asking questions while he was orchestrating a symphony on the field. America as a whole waits until something happens before a change is made. We ignore warning signs and are reactive instead of proactive. As they saying goes, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."

This past weekend, four coaches decided they were not going to wait that long.

The Hurricanes are on a mission to prove the critics wrong. To prove that they are better than they were predicted to be and have what it takes to return to the big stage. They walked the green mile to start the season and came out alive, going 3-1 versus 4 ranked opponents. University of Miami Head Coach, Randy Shannon, shut down QB Jacory Harris at halftime with a 31-3 lead over Florida A&M.

Virginia is the front runner to win the ACC and has a chance to play in the National Championship Game. Virginia Tech is ranked fourth behind Florida, Alabama and Texas. Texas has some tough Conference games coming up and only one SEC can remain undefeated. QB Tyrod Taylor of Virginia Tech participated in one drive after the half and left the game with a 34-0 lead.

Half way through the third quarter, Joe Paterno sent QB Daryll Clark to the showers with a 45-3 lead over Eastern Illinois.

With a 45-14 lead over UNLV going into the 4th Quarter, Bringham Young's Max Hall was done for the day.

One thing is for sure: If teams don't take care of business the right way, their stock will drop.

Going into their game against Air Force on Saturday, TCU was 4-0 and ranked tenth in the nation. They grinded it out for 60 minutes and came out with a 20-17 victory. When the polls came out Sunday afternoon, TCU had dropped two positions to number twelve.

How far are coaches willing to push the issue? How much of a lead do their teams need to have before they send in their backup quarterback and how long do the wait before they put their starter back in if their lead starts to dwindle?

For now only time will tell.

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