Monday, October 5, 2009

Bills-Dolphins Game Locker Room Exclusive

Whether the Dolphins won by 1 point or 28 points, they would be happy to finally get that elusive "W" on their record. To make the victory even more enjoyable they won by the latter.

The defense seemed more aggressive, bringing an intensity that was unseen throughout the course of the first three weeks. The running game continued to roll through opposing defenses and led the way to offensive success.

The combination of pressuring Bill QB, Trent Edwards, and pounding the ball on a struggling defense was the recipe for Miami's success.

Not to mention, it was not a bad start for sophomore QB, Chad Henne, as he managed the game and avoided inexperienced mistakes.

After the game, we were able to catch up with a few key players that had a significant impact on the game.

Hear our interviews below:


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