Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week One Diagnosis: A Case of the Fumbles

If there's anything we can take from week one of the NFL regular season it's that plenty of teams came to play with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" on their hands. If you combine all the fumbles that occurred during the week one match-ups you end up with a total of 48 (yes, forty eight). That's an average of 3.0 fumbles per game.

Here's a breakdown of the total fumbles from each game:
  • Rams @ Seahawks = 4 fumbles
  • Redskins @ Giants = 5 fumbles
  • 49ers @ Cardinals = 2 fumbles
  • Cowboys @ Buccaneers = 4 fumbles
  • Lions @ Saints = 3 fumbles
  • Jaguars @ Colts = 1 fumble
  • Jets @ Texans = 4 fumbles
  • Vikings @ Browns = 3 fumbles
  • Broncos @ Bengals = 2 fumbles
  • Eagles @ Panthers = 4 fumbles
  • Ravens @ Chiefs = 3 fumbles
  • Dolphins @ Falcons = 4 fumbles
  • Titans @ Steelers = 3 fumbles
  • Bills @ Patriots = 3 fumbles
  • Chargers @ Raiders = 3 fumbles
*Let it be noted that the Packers-Bears game did not involve a fumble. They actually wore their gloves.

At this rate, we can expect 816 recorded fumbles by the end of the regular season, and over 1,000 if you include the playoffs. As useless as this information may be, it's hard to believe the amount of players that were screamed at by coaches this past week.

I guess we can all sit back and eat some popcorn (make sure it's extra buttery as to make them slip out of your fingers) as professional football players make it a point to cough up valuable opportunities left and right. Then again, maybe we should give the defenders some darn credit.

Either way it's pretty damn ridiculous.


Carlos Serrano said...

Nike needs to start putting some Velcro on those gloves.

David J. Verjano said...

Yea, or like back in the days, put some "Stick Em" or whatever they called it. It was basically glue, hah.

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