Sunday, September 6, 2009

UM to Kick Things Off With FSU

The first week of college football saw 4 ranked teams fall, Heisman winner Sam Bradford go down with an injury and the re-emergence of Michigan and Notre Dame. There is no better way to end the week than with a bang.

The ACC decided it was in the best interest of the Conference to kick off the year with a clash of inter-state rivals on Labor Day . When the University of Miami made the switch over to the ACC they met FSU on labor day from 2004 to 2006. These to teams have not disappointed throughout the years. Miami is 2-3 against FSU since joining the ACC in 2004, with three of the games being decided by three points.

Miami and FSU are expected to have another close game. This is an instance where the season can be determined by one game's outcome.

Last year the Hurricanes were one of, if not the, youngest team in college football. Their inexperience showed mostly in the QB position. Robert Marve was unsure, not confident and made too many mistakes. Jacory Harris was trying to play the role of passer instead of being a play maker. Most of the fault falls down on since-fired offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. His situation play calls were questionable and his players knew it. Entering the 2009 season, Miami's #1 recruiting class in 2008 has grown and should put fear into their opponents while regaining it's edge.

Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has replaced Patrick Nix. Defensive coordinator Bill Young left for Oklahoma state and was replaced by John Lovett. Robert Marve transferred out, leaving Jacory Harris as the undisputed #1 Quarterback. Randy Shannon boosted his team with a top 10 recruiting class this year.

Randy Shannon and the Hurricanes will be tested early and often. Will they step up to the plate? We will all find out soon enough.

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