Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can The Hurricanes Stop the Option?

In the first two weeks of the 2009 season, the ACC has produced the two most exciting games, Miami versus Florida State and Clemson versus Georgia Tech. Week three is poised to start off with a bang.

With a big Thurday night showdown against ACC rival Georgia Tech, the Hurricanes still have a lingering taste in their mouth from last year's embarrassing game. Georgia Tech ran for 472 yards, including 93 yards by returning Quaterback Josh Nesbitt and 128 yards by Superstar running back Johnathan Dwyer. The Hurricanes are an abysmal 1-4 against Tech since joining the ACC.

The Hurricanes defense should not be suprised when they line up against the Yellow Jackets' offense. In the first two games, 73 percent of Georgia Tech's plays from scrimmage were running plays. When the ball did go up in the air, Tech was 10-27 with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.

Miami's defensive strong point is also their weakness. The Hurricanes have always been known for swarming the ball carrier. A trait that typically makes defenses great. Which brings up the question - Can Miami defend Josh Nesbitt and the QB option?

Florida State Quarteback Christian Ponder effectively used the option against Miami in week one. He ran for a 9-yard touchdown and ran for a 30-yard gain on another play. Georgia Tech makes a living out of it. They have eclipsed the 300-yard rushing mark in both of their games and Nesbitt is averaging 92 yards rushing.

But Clemson showed resilience in the second half against Georgia Tech and I'm sure the Canes were watching. Down 24-0 at half time Clemson scored 27 unanswered points before succoming to Nesbitt's rushing attack in the 4th quarter.

Miami is 13-2 on ESPN Thursday night games. This is the second year in a row that these two schools meet on a ESPN Thurday night. The Canes we be looking to continue their winning ways, but they have to find an answer to this offense.

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