Sunday, August 23, 2009

Florida Marlins: The Hunt For October - Volume 6

National League East Standings
  • Philadelphia (69-49) ---
  • Atlanta (66-58) - 6.5 Games Back
  • Florida (65-59) - 7.5 Games Back

Wild Card Standings

  • Colorado (70-54) ---
  • San Francisco (67-57) - 3.0 Games Back
  • Atlanta (66-58) - 4.0 Games Back
  • Florida (65-59) - 5.0 Games Back
  • Chicago (62-60) - 7.0 Games Back

"Casted Off and Sinking"

After a strong home stand that saw the Fish go 5-2, the Marlins have deteriorated there playoff chances by losing 4 of their last 6 to the Houston Astros and their division rival, Atlanta Braves.

Attempting to win the division seems out of reach at this point with the Phillies playing like the defending World Series Champions. The wild card looks more feasible but it's not any less far fetched than the division.

Chasing one team is easier than three, but the Marlins have to play the hand they were dealt. Florida's play in May (8-20) could ultimately be the brunt of another playoff-less season.

The Marlins need to take Monday and rethink their strategy for the final month of the season.

They have the Mets and the Padres coming into town, the starting rotation is still failing to get deep into ball games as the bullpen continues to be the most overused pen in the majors.

Florida is in a good position for the season. Twenty two of their last 35 games are against the National League East.

They have a wining record against Washington (9-3), New York (5-4) and Atlanta (6-5). They have 7 games remaining against the Braves, 9 games remaining against the Mets and 3 games against the Nationals. The Phillies are the only team in the division that they have a losing record against (5-7) and they play 3 more against them at Land Shark Stadium.
  • The brightest spot of the road trip was the return of Anibal Sanchez from the DL. He pitched six innings of 2-hit, 1-run ball game with 7 strikeouts.

  • Jorge Cantu returned to the starting line-up from a strained neck on Sunday.

  • P Brian Donnelly was placed on the 15-day DL with a strained right calf and 1B Nick Johnson might soon join him with a strained Hamstring.

Series Recap

  • Florida 5, Atlanta 3 (W)
  • Florida 3, Atlanta 4 (L)
  • Florida 5, Atlanta 7 (L)

Games To Follow

  • Florida vs. New York
  • Atlanta vs. San Diego
  • Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
  • Colorado vs. Los Angeles
  • San Francisco vs. Arizona

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