Friday, August 14, 2009

Riley Makes Something Out of Nothing

With a swift kick in the behind to Mark Blount and his expiring heavy contract the Heat brought home three-point specialist Quentin Richardson to South Florida. Blount had a $7.9 million contract while Richardson holds a $9 million contract. Either way, the Heat are happy to get rid of one of their four centers and add a much needed scoring option to the roster.

As most Heat fans know by now, Pat Riley works his wheel-and-deal magic at the must unexpected times. This was one of those cases and he literally made something (Q. Richardson) out of nothing (M. Blount). Who would have thought that any team would want Mark Blount and be willing to give away a legitimate starter/sixth man? That's good ole' Pat for you.

Richardson is a nine-year pro that has proven he can shoot the ball from the perimeter, posting a 35.4% three-point percentage and a double-digit scoring average. He also is a decent rebounding swingman, averaging five rebounds per game in his career.

Here's a quick pros and cons review of the addition of Q-Rich:

  • Prolific Three-Point Shooter
  • Veteran Guard/Forward
  • Instant Offense
  • Decent Overall Player
  • Friends With D. Wade (Team Bond)
  • He's Not Mark Blount
  • Questionable Defensive Skills
  • Not Known for Play-Making
  • Settles for Jumpers Over Driving Lanes
  • Another Forward on Roster
That sums up what to expect from Q-Rich once he officially puts on the Heat uniform and steps on the court of the American Airlines Arena. We'll go in depth with the analysis of Richardson's addition in our upcoming article - "How Compatible is Quentin Richardson with the Miami Heat."

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