Monday, August 3, 2009

Patriots' Secret Weapon: Cleo Lemon?

The rest of the AFC East is holding its breath on the news of a potential Cleo Lemon signing with the New England Patriots. Or they just brushed it off as a mediocre attempt to sure up the QB depth now that the Patriots lost Matt Cassel.

Seeing this as a headline across various sports fan networks, such as FanNation and YardBarker, was a surprise to many DolFans - not because it was threatening, but because it was a bit humorous. After all, DolFans know what it was like to live through the "Lemon Era."

The fact that this is legitimate news or worthy of headlines reveals a sense of insecurity that has never been seen from New England. How bad must it be in the Patriots organization that they are going after Lemon? Is that really their go-to guy if Brady goes down with an injury? The jury is out on this one.

To recap Cleo Lemon's stint with the Miami Dolphins, here's a brief summary of his statistics:
  • Lemon played a total of 13 games in Miami and started only 8 of those.
  • His QB Rating averaged out to 74.3 in those games.
  • He threw for 8 TDs and 7 INTs.
  • In 2007, he fumbled the ball 7 times and lost 3 of them.
  • Miami went 1-7 with Lemon as starting QB.
Where the "diamond in the rough" is in those numbers is still a mystery. There must be some secret that Bill Belichick is hiding from the media - something he has been notorious for doing; a hidden piece of information that marks Cleo Lemon as a "secret weapon." If not, Belichick must have closed his eyes in 2006 and 2007 when Lemon was in Miami. No worries though, many DolFans did the same as they tried to survive the forgetful performances he put on display.

Good luck to Cleo Lemon and better luck to the New England Patriots - they will need it with Lemon's erratic play and unpredictable nature. The Pats have been known for giving former Dolphins a chance though. This is just one of the many ex-Dolphins that New England has signed in recent history (i.e. Heath Evans, Junior Seau, Sammy Morris, etc.) - too bad this signing may leave a sour taste in their mouth.


signals3_t5 said...

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jnovales said...

If he started 8 games how can he be 1-9 in starts? That implies he had 10 starts.

David J. Verjano said...

Good observation. A slip up on our part. It was difficult to read whether he or Joey Harrington was the starting QB in 2006. The stats did say he started 8 games and we know that he was the starter in the 1-15 season - leaving us with the final record of 1-7 as the Dolphins starting QB.

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