Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miami Heat Trade Discussions in Hibernation

Just when we thought that things may get interesting with the trade and free agent markets, the Miami Heat have gone missing in action once again. Once the campaign to lure Lamar Odom back home fell through it seems like all activity has stopped - at least in the public eye.

It all began with Pat Riley coming out and stating that no other player would be acquired until Dwyane Wade signed an extension with the Miami Heat. As D. Wade said, that "opened up a wound." To fix his misstep, Riley went out and began swirling rumors of Allen Iverson coming to the Heat. From there Lamar Odom came into the mix and Carlos Boozer threw himself into the equation. As of today, there is no major talks that include "Miami Heat" in the same line as "trades" and "signings."

There has been some speculation of Jamaal Tinsley being interested in the Heat. This would sure up the PG position as it currently consists of Mario Chalmers and Chris Quinn (with Dwyane Wade taking up a few minutes at the one spot). Veteran poise and experience could definitely benefit this unit and Tinsley brings that to the table, but before we get excited about the idea let's remember that the Knicks are in talks with the guard as well. We may just lose him like we did Odom.

Besides that, the front office has become quiet with the media and has not leaked much other information regarding potential acquisitions. Many of the free agents that were of value to the Heat are now gone. That leaves only one other option for bringing in new players - that is via trades. Dorrell Wright, Udonis Haslem, Daequan Cook and even James Jones have been thrown around in trade rumors and are all legitimate trading pieces that Miami could use, if they choose to.

For now, we are all playing the waiting game once again, wondering if Riley is working some wheel-and-deal magic or sitting tight in his office chair. It's all a mystery.

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