Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miami Dolphins In-Depth: QB and RB

The Miami Dolphins are just two pre season games away from starting the real football season. Thus far they have shown signs of light in many aspects of the game, revealing more positives than negatives overall. We take a look at the two positions that Miami is virtually stacked at: the quarterback and running back units.

Quarterbacks Galore

Miami's depth chart is fairly easy to outline: Chad Pennington at starter, Chad Henne as second string and Pat White as third back-up. There is no debating who will be the starting QB this season, since Pennington earned the right to be the general of the offensive unit. As an accurate, poised QB, "CP10" did all the right things for Miami and was a major reason behind last season's 11-5 record and playoff berth. So Miami knows who their guy is.

But should Pennington be injured, there may be some discussion as to who would come in. The first reaction would likely be bringing Henne in, but who knows what Pat White could bring to the table as starter. Maybe Miami adopts a two-QB system, where Henne ad White share time and are used in different situations (kind of like the University of Florida did with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in their 2007 BCS Championship season). Never weigh out strategies that originate from college football, just look at where the Wild Cat came from.

The sure thing is that Miami has two talented individuals to choose from as their QB. Not many teams have the versatility to have a four-year college football starter and a four-time bowl champion on their sidelines waiting to take the QB spot. Chad Henne brings a canon arm, pocket presence and decent accuracy, while Pat White brings speed, agility and an uncanny scrambling ability.

Many see these two guys as the future of the franchise, but rumors have swirled regarding Pat White making an impact this season. That's right, the Wild Cat is alive and strong and White fits right into the system. We have not seen Miami run and WC plays with White in it, but maybe they're saving that for the regular season. There's only so much teams reveal during the pre season and that is one thing you can be sure Miami would keep a secret. Fans will just have to wait until football season officially kicks off to see if it's myth or reality.

Running Backs On Demand

Moving on to the running back position, Miami has even more talent stacked here. Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Patrick Cobbs and maybe even Lex Hilliard all are good in their own style of play. Brown is a versatile back that can pound it inside and take it around the edges. Williams is a power back with great spin and juke moves to lose defenders. Cobbs is a combo HB that can line up in the backfield and at the slot to make plays. Lastly, Hilliard is a breakout player who knows how to find the gaps and explode for big runs.

What else can you ask for from your running back crew? I'm sure every team will take two out of those four any day, even the third and fourth stringers.

The Wild Cat will make the most of Brown and Williams, but Cobbs and Hilliard can help out on those conventional play sets, perhaps the third and short runs. If Miami uses their armory of backs correctly they could keep their starters fresh and give the opposing teams something to cringe about.

Final Word

Miami may not have that perennial all-star receiver to make them a dominating offensive team, but their dynamic nature and roster depth makes up for that. We only pointed out the good, and there is quite some flaws needing correction, but the Fins play no-nonsense football - focusing on limited mistakes, team effort and smash mouth football. The offensive line has struggled in the rush block, but the rushers have made up for it with pure skill. The secondary has showed a lack of depth, but the line backing core and D-line has put enormous pressure on QBs. It's a balancing act and as long as everyone has each other's backs Miami has a chance to win.

The schedule is tough, but the team's bond is tougher and that could make the difference between a sub-par year and another playoff-bound season.

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