Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Follow Your Miami Heat Stars on Twitter

It's fair to say that Twitter has entered the social networking world and exploded to new levels. Nobody would have predicted that such a simple idea would become such a big hit. Now, we see celebrities, politicians, companies and (best of all) athletes using it to reach out to their constituents.

With that said, we're sure that many of you Twitter users out there would like to know which of their favorite star athletes are on it. Here's a list of players we follow on Twitter from the Miami Heat along with other notable professional athletes (it seems like the Dolphins and Marlins players don't like to tweet it up much though).

Miami Heat Tweeters
*Michael Beasley's twitter has been deleted twice and is nowhere to be found - R.I.P. "supercoolBeas/GorillaBeas"

Other Miami Pro Athlete Tweeters
After finding that the Dolphins adopted the "fine for tweeting" policy, not many players do this because they don't have much time after practice to do so. You sure won't catch Tony Sparano or Bill Parcells sending 140 character messages out to the world.

Other Notable Pro Athletes
You'll find some of the tweets that these athletes put out to be entertaining and sometimes hilarious (especially Shaq, AKA The Big Witness). Whether it's Dwight Howard taking video of him signing at a gas station or Chris Bosh shooting live from his web cam on ustream, there's plenty of entertainment being casted on these accounts. Check them out for yourself.

Stay tuned as we will constantly keep updating this post with any new athletes of interest that enter the twittersphere.

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Carlos Serrano said...

You didn't put Chad OchoStinko in the list! But I wouldn't either.. It was a huge mistake following him. He has the worlds biggest mouth.

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