Friday, July 17, 2009

Trades, Rumors and Shimmy Shaken Checks?

It's about time that the Miami Heat start having headlines other than Dwyane Wade's contract situation. We are now beginning to hear about key players that are of interest to the Miami Heat (besides Allen Iverson). A recent story from Yahoo! reports that Miami is allegedly speaking with Lamar Odom and Carlos Boozer. Whether they get both, one or none at least Dwyane Wade knows that Pat Riley is starting to give into his requests.

Some think that Lamar Odom coming into negotiations with the Heat is all just a leverage maneuver by Odom's agent so that the Los Angeles Lakers offer a new contract. This could be a plausible argument, but it's all just speculation - it's tough to say why Odom's agent is truly talking to the Heat. If the reported five-year, $34 million dollar contact offer to Odom is real, then the Heat are looking at him as a long-term solution rather than a pre-2010 option. Not sure if that's enough money for Odom, but it's a start. Either way, some see it as an unlikely deal, but would love to see Odom come back to South Beach.

As for Boozer, the trade rumors involve Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright (and maybe even some draft picks). The Yahoo! report states that a three-way deal between the Heat, Jazz and Grizzlies is in the mix. This deal seems more likely to occur than the Odom deal, plus it gives the Heat the option to drop Boozer's contract off the books come 2010. One of our previous posts that discussed possible trade scenarios for the Heat included Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright in all trades, mainly because of Haslem's value and Wright's potential - both of which are alluring to many teams.

If this all falls through and Miami comes out empty handed, there will be disappointment in Wade's eyes, but satisfaction in the back of his mind as he lured Riley right where he wanted him. For the sake of Heat fans, there should be ongoing prayers for these trades to work out.

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Shimmy shaken checks? You heard right. Antoine "The Shimmy" Walker has been in the news lately and not for good reasons. He has been arrested for writing out false checks in excess of $800,000. This is not necessarily Miami Heat news, but since he did play a role in the 2006 championship run, he deserves an "honorable mention" (even though this is not so honorable, but it is entertaining - you have to admit).

Open Letter to Antoine Walker:

'Toine, let this be a lesson to you and realize that NBA stardom does not mean you can go around Las Vegas playing with money you do not own. Best of luck to you as you try to get your act together and straighten out your life. Your NBA career may be over, but you still have the potential to make the best out what you have. Start up a "tippy toe three" shooting camp or a "shimmy shake" dance team. Hey, you never know.

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