Monday, July 13, 2009

The Summer Groove Ends in Style

As the seats at the American Airlines Arena slowly filled up on Sunday night, fans anxiously anticipated the finale to Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade's long series of Summer Groove events. After an extended wait, the players came out onto the court and the fans got what they came to see: an all-star game filled with humorous antics and high-flying acrobatics.

The final list of players that participated in the event included: Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Daequan Cook, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Dorell Wright Caron Butler, Rasual Butler, Chris Paul, Kenyon Martin, Roger Mason, Darius Miles, Tim Hardaway, CJ Watson and Patrick Beverley (who? that guy the Heat drafted this year). Carmelo Anthony and Raja Bell were on the bench, but didn't dress up for the game.

It was a bit disappointing not to see some of the initially announced players such as LeBron James, Joe Johnson and Kevin Durant, but The Summer Groove cast still put on a show worth the time and price.

From the alley-oop dunks to the Globetrotter-like flow of the game, the players gave fans a showcase of their talents while cracking smiles and giggles at the same time.

Wade and CP3 took on Zo on two separate occasions and showed him how their dribbling skills are just a bit ahead of Zo's on-ball defense (Sorry Zo, can't mess with two recent Olympic Gold Medalists). Tim Hardaway looked like he was making a comeback run as he drained countless threes throughout the game, including a special Carnival Cruise Lines five-point shot that was activated during the last two minutes of each quarter.

Besides the in-game festivities, fans were give a mid-game performance by Salt-n-Pepa and a half time extravaganza by The Golden Oldies. Salt-n-Pepa performed a few songs, including their hit single, "Push It," and Zo and D. Wade joined them with a little groovin' of their own at center court.

But The Golden Oldies truly stole the show at half time. They capped off their show with a tribute to Michael Jackson by performing Thriller in fiendish outfits. From one song to another they moved to the music, as if age didn't matter, to hip-hop hits like "The Wu Tang" and "The Stanky Leg." It was worthy of the standing ovation that followed their performance.

Celebrities and local personalities were in attendence witnessing this crossroads between entertainment and charity. Pat Riley and his family were stationed a few rows up from center court. Zo's wife, Tracey Mourning was also sitting front row with a few of her close friends. Kenny "The Jet" Smith, Rodney Pete and plenty of other public figures went to support Zo and D. Wade's efforts. It was star-studded from the line-up to the audience.

And so The Summer Groove ended in style with a goal that carried plenty of substance - raise money for humanitarian causes and activities. It should never cease to amaze the South Florida community as to how priviledged they are to have two stars, in the form of Zo and D. Wade, that use their celebrity image and abundant wealth to give back to those in need.

On behalf of loyal Heat fans and concerned South Floridians, we thank them for their efforts and their passion. They truly are living the motto that states, "there is nothing better than serving a cause greater than oneself."

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Shout out to Mike Brown of Hoop Connection, whom we met at the game - they've got a great organization that aims at helping youngsters get into college through their love of the game of basketball. Keep up the good work for a worthy cause.

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