Friday, July 31, 2009

News Flashes - July 31, 2009

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are officially out of the run for F Lamar Odom. Odom agreed to terms on a 4 year deal to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers. The deal is worth $33 million with a Lakers Option on the fourth year. I guess it's back to the drawing board for the Heat. Maybe this will get Pat Riley to start up talks with Utah for Carlos Boozer.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Miami Heat are going to meet with Indiana free-agent Jamal Tinsley. Tinsley has hurt the Heat for years. One reason why the heat have been unable to beat the Pacers in Indiana since December 31, 2001.

Florida Marlins

In 2003, the Marlins lost the 102nd game of the season to the Atlanta Braves and sat at 53-49.
The 2009 Marlins lost the 102nd game of the season last night to the Atlanta Braves and sit at 53-49. Just wanted to show the irony in sports considering the Marlins win a World Series every six years and it has been six years since the last Championship.

To more important things, Marlins fans find themselves in a tough situation this weekend. Last night the Philadelphia Phillies began a four-game series with the San Francisco Giants. If you are following the standings, the Phillies lead the Marlins by 6 games in the division standings and the Giants, current Wild Card leaders, lead the Marlins by 3 games.

What would be the best interest for the team? A Giants sweep (they won game one)? A Phillies 3-1 series win? A four-game split?

Good thing the games are being played in California because who you go for should depend on the Marlins outcome that day. If the Marlins win go for the Giants. If they lose go for the Phillies.

This keeps us close in at least one of the two races. If the Marlins and Giants sweep, Florida will find themselves three games behind Philadelphia in the division and three games behind San Francisco in the Wild Card race.

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