Monday, July 20, 2009

Miami Heat Updates: July 20, 2009

To summarize all the latest updates on the Miami Heat, here is a brief recap of all the discussions and rumors surrounding the team.

- As you should know by now, the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Jamario Moon to an offer sheet. The Heat now have until Friday to match that offer or risk losing Moon to their Eastern Conference rivals. By the looks of it, Miami will likely let this go (despite the effectiveness that Moon provided during his minutes on the court) as their priorities are focused elsewhere. The Cavaliers would have added onto their big off-season with Shaquille O'Neal and Anthony Parker already in the books.

- Talks with Carlos Boozer continue to get more interesting with his latest description of playing alongside Dwyane Wade in Miami: it would be a "a beautiful thing." Boozer has already told the media that he and the Jazz have agreed to trade him away - a somewhat civil form of parting ways. The alleged deal that has been proposed between the Heat and Jazz involves sending Dorell Wright and Udonis Haslem to Utah in order to match salary costs.

- The Heat have officially re-signed back-up center, Joel Anthony. The terms of the deal are not clear, but is believed to be worth at least $1 million a year. This reassures, but does not bolster, the center position with the Heat. Anthony has acted as a defensive-minded hustle player that is undersized for his position, but makes up for it with plenty of effort and passion. Now, the biggest issue with Miami and the center spot is whether or not Jermaine O'Neal can recover from his knee problems and perform at a consistent level.

- Talks with Allen Iverson have cooled down and fast. The veteran PG has gone from talking to the Grizzlies to the Heat and more recently the Clippers. It seems as though money and playing time are the biggest issues with the four-time scoring champion as nobody is willing to dish out a long-term, above $5 million contract and offer plenty of minutes on the court. A.I. may have to settle for less at some point and start from scratch, or else he won't ever be able to skip practice again. As of now, the case for Allen Iverson is no longer in effect

- Negotiations with Lamar Odom stand as such: The Lakers have pulled their initial offer, the Heat have offered a contract of their own and Odom is still undecided as to what he wants to do. A possible return to the Lakers is still a possibility, but it require a five-year deal (which the Heat's offer includes) as opposed to the four-year offer that was recently pulled. Odom has a home in Miami and is good friends with Dwyane Wade, now the ball is in Odom's court as he must decide whether to return to a limited-playing time situation with a contending team or join an up-and-coming squad led by Wade.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Miami Heat as trades, rumors and signings are beginning to gain steam in Miami. Who knows what Pat Riley will pull out of his bag of tricks next.

Update (7/22/09): The Miami Heat have officially re-signed Jamaal Magloire to a contract. The terms of the contract were not disclosed (as usual). This solidifies the center position a bit more, but does not really add versatility as the Heat don't really have an "athletic" or "dynamic" big man. When you think of it though, how many teams do? Besides Amare Stoudemire and Dwight Howard there aren't too many more physical specimens that come to mind.

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Ben said...

It's too bad we couldnt hold onto moon he had such good chemistry with wade last season (damn cavs). i dont think we'll score odom either because on kobe's twitter account he says, "LO will make the right choice ;)". thats not what heat fans wanna hear.... as of right now boozer is lookin like our best shot at upgrading and he would make us soooooooo much better i hope riley gets on that and FAST. GO HEAT MV3-2010

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