Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marlins: Sweep or be Swept

The Florida Marlins have made it a habit in recent weeks to live by the sweep, and die by it as well. Since June 12, the Marlins have completed three sweeps, two against A.L. East opponents in interleague play and one against a division rival, the Washington Nationals. They've also suffered the consequence of being swept in the Citrus series versus cross-state foes, the Tampa Bay Rays.

As long as the Fish continue to sweep teams more than getting swept, Florida fans will be happy with the results. The reality is that sweeps are rare over a long stretch of time and tougher, closer battles will be fought as the post-season nears.

Just a half game back from the N.L. East lead, the Marlins will have to persevere over the fate that has plagued them in the past few seasons - losing contention towards the end of the season. The Fish have been notorious for starting off hot and cooling down once Fall comes around. With their young core now more experienced and poised, they are in a better position to avoid this pitfall and finally compete in the hunt for October.

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