Saturday, June 6, 2009

Throwback Saturday: Tim Hardaway

If you don't know Tim, then you don't know Miami Heat history. Number 10 was a special player during a special time in Heat history and is arguably the best Point Guard in the franchise's existence.

He was known for his deadly crossover moves and dangerous three-point shot. Hardaway was a part of the Heat's original elite era and ran the court alongside Alonzo Mourning, P.J. Brown, Dan Majerle, Voshon Lenard and other notables in Heat history.

Hardaway was the reason why the Miami Heat because such an electrifying team during the mid-1990's. His handling skills drew the crowds and the media attention ad it only was magnified by the team's multiple appearances in the NBA playoffs.

Had it not been for the Jordan-era, Tim and Zo would have probably led Miami to an NBA title during their prime. Timmy was just a great overall player that had the confidence to take those late game shots as well as the trust to pass up the ball to an open team mate.

He drove left, crossed right, back left and made his decision - one which was probably a smart choice. Tim Hardaway will always be remembered for his on-the-court magic.

Here's a mix of some of Tim's famous crossover moves. Strap your ankles tight, you might get broken just by lookin' at this video.

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threio said...

Yes, the crossover!

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