Monday, June 1, 2009

Passing Up or Sticking to Their Guns?

With the Wide Receiver market populated with a few premier NFL players many teams have had their eyes on the likes of Anquan Boldin, Plaxico Burress and to some extent Marvin Harrison. As for the Miami Dolphins, they have taken an alternate route and decided to stick with their receiving core.

So are the Miami Dolphins passing up on a prime opportunity, or are they making the right decision by sticking to their guns?

When you weigh the behavioral and publicity baggage that come with a potential Boldin/Burress pick up, it would not align with the "no nonsense" doctrine that Bill Parcells has brought into the organization.

The management believes in their players and have their reasons to do so.

According to historical trends, Wide Receivers have "broken out" in their third year. Guess which Ohio State receiver will be entering his third year? That's right - Ted Ginn Jr.

Between Ted Ginn, Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess, Tony Sparano believes that "there is a number one receiver on the team." Some experts may disagree with his statement, but last year the team did enough on the offensive end to win 11 games. With a healthy receiving unit, the young core only has room for improvement.

There is no doubt that Boldin or Burress would be a significant upgrade and an instant impact, but the style of football that Miami plays is not based on primetime receivers. Instead, Sparano pushes for athletes that have an all-around game and can fit well into a dynamic system, hence the draft pick of combo player, Pat White.

We all know that Miami is not aiming for a traditional passing offense such as found in Indianaopolis, thus a great receiver that demands plenty of touches in a game would not fit well on the team. Why take up cap space on one player, when you can sign solid players that will get the job done as a squad and not as individual players.

In this case the Dolphins are sticking to their guns, even with Plaxico Burress' open interest in Miami. It just sends a message to the rest of the league that the Fins are ready to play some old school X's and O's football with a twist under Ireland, Parcells & Sparano regime.

The team might as well remove all the names off the back of the jerseys because it's obvious that the focus is on the name stitched accross the chest of each player.

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threio said...

You just never know with receivers, some break-out sooner than later. Others late, then others after 5 years you find that they are duds. honestly, I don't think one NFL scouting unit picks receivers all that well. For every great pic, you can find two busts in the last 5 years.

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