Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marlins Reunite in Boston

It will be a trip back to nostalgia when the Florida Marlins head on to the field at Fenway Park. The Fish will get to see some of their former players, many of which were an intricate part of Florida's 2003 World Series run.

The Marlins won't be able to see their 2003 World Series MVP on the mount, but that's a good thing since he has 7-3 record so far this season. I'm sure a friendly wave from the dugout will be enough for the Marlins.

The Fish will get to see Brad Penny as he is scheduled to face Andrew Miller on Wednesday night. Penny has not been his usual self lately, but was given a shot to start with Boston still trying to find a solid starting five rotation. Either way, Penny still has a better record than Miller as he's 5-2 compared to Miller's 2-2.

Mike Lowell will be holding his ground at third base for Boston, but he will still give Marlins fans a chance to remember the good ole' times when the roles were reversed. Born and raised in Miami, Lowell still has feelings for South Florida, especially since he played high school ball at Columbus Prep School and college ball at Miami-Dade College.

Another notable former Marlin who was not part of the '03 squad is Mark Kotsay. He played briefly during the 1997 season, when the Fish took their first title, and stayed with the crew until 2000. His batting average rose each season with Florida going from .197 in 1997 to .289 in 2000.

Although the faces have changed and jerseys have switched, the Marlins will always remember their rich history along with the players that created it. The Boston Red Sox's roster holds sprinkles of the past that harbor those very thoughts. Lucky for them Lowell and Beckett have helped bring the same magic to Boston that they brought to South Florida in the form of two World Series titles.

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On another note, Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez return to Boston to visit their original ball club, which they played for under one of Boston's minor league affiliates. The Marlins have benefitted from these two young guns coming down to South Florida. Anibal has already recorded one no-hitter with the Marlins and has shown signs of potential when he's healthy. Hanley Ramirez is the face of the Marlins and has made it to the All-Star game multiple times already.

At first the Marlins were nor getting the better end of the deal, but with time the cost-benefit analysis for Ramirez and Sanchez compared to Lowell and Beckett seems pretty even now.

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