Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heat See Opportunity in Magic's Dump Offs

A recent story by reports that Hedo Turkoglu and the Orlando Magic have not completely parted ways. In the article, Hedo voiced his inclination towards returning to Orlando, if contract negotiations work out and Orlando presents the best offer. Hedo's reasoning for opting out is to see what the best opportunities will be available to him and his family. According to the Magic, they are not not afraid of exceeding the salary cap and paying luxury tax for Turkoglu.

All this talk heightens the possibility of Marcin Gortat leaving the team due to the lack of space available after a potential Turkoglu signing.

This is where the Miami Heat come in. Gortat is a cheap way to sure up Miami's center position - after all he made around $700,000 last season. I'm sure Gortat would be fine with a $1.5 million offer, which is definitely within Miami's reach.

Gortat brings height, rebounding and some other small things to a team (i.e. pick and roll awareness). He's a great option as a cost-benefit alternative to making big trades and shaking things up this off-season for the Heat.

Another significant fact with Orlando is their surplus at the point guard position. With Jameer Nelson back and healthy, they now have four PGs on the roster: Jameer Nelson, Rafer Alston, Anthony Johnson and Tyron Lue.

Two factors to consider are Rafer Alston and Anthony Johnson's conflicting issues with the Magic.

Alston believes that he will be traded, claiming that many teams don't trust his PG skills. Alston is not a likely pick up for the Heat, but his departure will weaken Orlando's depth - Miami's division rival.

Johnson has had issues with coach Van Gundy and rumor has it that he has a "big mouth." It would not be surprising to see him shipped off if tempers flare. This would further weaken the depth at PG, but would also open up opportunities for Courtney Lee to play the point.

Don't expect Miami to go after any of these two, primarily because of their price tags, but also because they aren't considered mentoring PGs that could assist with Mario Chalmers' development.

When push comes to shove, we'll see what Orlando does with their roster. Will they be able to keep their depth intact or will they lose out on some role players? It seems like the impending results are in favor of Miami.

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