Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bring Jack McClinton Home

The Miami Heat have decided to shy away from this month's NBA draft, and for good reason. They traded away their first round pick last season for current-day starting point guard, Mario Chalmers. With that said, this does not mean that they should toss away their two second round picks.

The Heat should give the hometown kid, Jack McClinton (A.K.A. J-Mac), a chance with the team. Whether they draft him at #43 or #60, J-Mac should have a shot with the team for various reasons.

For one thing, the kid can shoot lights out, which is a similar trait in Daequan Cook, but can create some competition that will ultimately make them both better players. If indeed Jack is a better shooter that Daequan, then he will get some playing time and Cook can become a trading piece. Not that we want that to happen, but that's a worst case scenario - one that isn't very bad at all.

McClinton is listed as a shooting guard, but his height might limit him to point guard status, which is a necessity in Miami's depth chart. You never can have enough back-up point guards (just look at the Orlando Magic last season). J-Mac may not be known for his handling skills, but is definitely known for his quick first step and his ability to get open. Miami still may need a veteran guard to help the back court, but a little bit of Jack can't hurt.

Let's not forget that the UM alumni will have a bond with former Hurricane, James Jones, and expand his relationship with back-up forward, Dorrell Wright. These aren't game-changing factors, but chemistry is important. Not to mention, D. Wade has already given him some shout outs via Twitter - in his own words, "@JackMcClinton I c u hood." That must mean, "Let's bring you to my hood (Miami)."

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A.J. Price is another prospect that has worked out for the Heat and has grabbed their attention this offseason. It is unknown whether Miami will sway towards drafting two guards, but they have some promising players within reach, considering their late draft opportunities. Don't expect any of these players to be the next star on the team, at least not just yet, but with every draft comes potential - potential brings hope.

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juvenile404 said...

Miani's first this year was given to Minnesota for Ricky Davis and Mark Blount. We still owe Minny two second-rounders for Chalmers.

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