Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bonifacio's Struggles Continue; Sanchez back on D/L

Emilio Bonifacio can't seem to find his swing. He has been moved up and down the line-up from first to second to, back to first, then back to second on a daily basis. It doesn't seemed to be working.

Bonifacio went 0 for 4 twice in the four game series against the Central Division leader Milwaukee Brewers. In both of those games he batted second in front of Hanley Ramirez. A spot where you would think you would get pitches to hit. He finished the series 3 for 16 (.187) and is 9 for 43 (.183) in his last 11 games. Along with his struggles at the plate, Bonifacio is struggling defensively. He is the Major League leader in errors with 9.

Is it time for a change? A lot of the Marlin fans think so. Some think he should be dropped down to the 8th spot. He is not getting the job done where he is hitting now, so hopefully something gets done soon. The Marlins pulled the plug on Maybin when he wasn't cutting it - why haven't they done the same with Bonifacio?

On another note, Manager Fredi Gonzalez said in his the post game conference that Anibal Sanchez will be returning to the D/L. This comes after the Marlins rushed him back up after two rehab starts. He got the win on Tuesday but was not it worth losing him again. Gonzalez says to expect Ricky Nolasco to be called up to start Sunday's game.

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