Friday, May 1, 2009

Wade Propels Heat Into 7-Game Series

While everyone is focused on the nail-biting series between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, very little attention has been given to the Heat-Hawks series - probably because of how every game has been a blow out. The story was no different in Game 6 although many analysts expected it to be a closer game. What matters is that Miami was able to survive Game 6 with their backs against the wall.

Wade led the squad with 41 pts as he was virtually on point all game long. Beasley had an impressive performance with his 22 pts and 15 rebs. The underdog was Joel Anthony as he replaced Jermaine O'Neal's spot in this crucial match up. From solid screens to sound box outs and well-deserved rebounds, Anthony filled the center spot with a better-than-expected performance.

To say the least, the team played exceptionally well and poured on a 30-point lead over the Hawks at one point.

It was definitely pay back.

Frustration was the word to describe the Atlanta Hawks. They felt that the referees were out to get them all night long, the problem is that they let the officials get to their heads. The consequences were deadly as there was a complete collapse of the Hawks in the 2nd half. So much for the two-game momentum that Atlanta was brining into Game 6.

Now, anything is possible in Game 7. Atlanta has home court, Miami has the confidence and momentum. It's anyone's game and I don't expect it to be "just another blowout."

Beyond Friday night's results there were a few tell-tale facts that hinted at what Game 7 might be like. For one thing, Wade was at full throttle and no longer troubled by the back spasms. If he was, then I hope he has a few more back spasms on Sunday, as long as they help him score 40+ points.

Also, Michael Beasley came back to life in this game and stepped up when it mattered. For the first time all season long, Coach Spoelstra set up three consecutive plays specifically for B-Easy. That's pretty gutsy to place so much confidence in a rookie in an elimination playoff game. It was also an awesome decision.

If Miami builds on this win, then I expect a little bit of Game 6 and more for Sunday's game. Dwyane Wade is still out to prove that he is the MVP (although all fingers are pointing toward LeBron James as the award winner) and has no problem with rising to the occasion in big games. Just look back to 2004, when Wade, as a rookie, was given the ball in Game 7 versus the New Orleans Hornets. He drove it in versus Baron Davis (a stud at the time) and made the shot to give the Heat a 2nd-round pass. A few years gone by and one NBA Finals & Finals MVP trophy later, Wade is not shy of the bright lights.

I'll leave it at Dwyane Wade's own words: "To the doubters..."

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threio said...

Wade is the man, un-selfish and a monster in the clutch, pick him first over kobe any day.

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