Saturday, May 9, 2009

Throwback Saturday: Dan Majerle

The man, Thunder Dan. I remember the wing duo of Dan Majerle and Eddie Jones raining threes on opponents with Sun Sports' announcer, Eric Reid, shouting "Kaboom!" left and right. It was a fun time in Heat history and Dan was a fan favorite. 

Majerle is mostly known for his time in Phoenix, but his five seasons in Miami were well spent and brought the city to new levels of NBA excitement as Mourning, Hardaway, PJ Brown and Eddie Jones were all studs at the time.

From the '96-'97 up to the '00-'01 season, Thunder Dan recorded a total of 444 three-pointers while wearing a Heat jersey. But beyond his perimeter shooting, Dan was just an all around solid basketball player. He could dish out assists, rake in some rebounds and steal a few passes from time to time. In essence, he was a great role player and was an asset to just about any team in the league. 

While Majerle was a part of the Heat, they won no less than 61% of their games each season. Their best showing was in his first year in Miami as they went 61-21, winning 74% of their games. He was part of some of the contender years in Miami, which unfortunately were stunted by a pesky Knicks team or by a highly dominating Bulls squad. Nonetheless, he was part of an intricate time in Miami Heat history.

Since his tenure in Miami, Dan has gone back to Phoenix to pursue a career in sports broadcasting for the Suns. And if you thought he was a great shooter before, you should see his pre-game routine before every Phoenix Suns home game. I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but it's always amazing to watch over-the-back half court shots from a chair. Dan has become an expert at it and we've got the video clip to show it.


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