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Talking Miami Heat Trade Scenarios - 2009 Off Season

Using RealGM's Trade Checker and ESPN's NBA Trade Machine, we've taken a look at some of the potential trades that could occur during the off-season under the direction of Pat Riley and his ambitious mindset. We look at some of the more rumored trades options as well as some of the less publicized alternatives that the Heat can look at.

Although I don't expect major moves this off-season, you can never anticipate Pat Riley's moves from one season to another. We will still try and poke at his mind and see what could possibly be a viable option for Miami.

Acquisitions: Chris Bosh (PF/C)
Departures: Udonis Haslem (PF), Michael Beasley (PF/SF) and Dorell Wright (SF)

This is a trade that I would not like very much because of the amount of depth and potential that Miami would lose for just one player. There may be a second player included with Bosh in a package like this, but I don't think it would be anyone equivalent to Haslem or Beasley. Mark Blount can't be a part of this deal, mainly because a restriction in his contract and the Toronto Raptors probably would not care for him. In essence, Miami would have traded half their team for half of Toronoto's team - kind of like a switch off. I think that we should roll the dice and wait for 2010 if we want Bosh because even if he is not available, plenty of others will be.

Acquisitions: Amare Stoudemire (PF/C)
Departures: Udonis Haslem (PF), Michael Beasley (PF/SF) and Dorell Wright (SF)

Here's a similar scenario wherein Miami receives Amare instead of Bosh. I am not any more satisfied with this trade than I am with the Bosh trade. I think we would be worse off with Stoudemire than with Bosh, if anything. Bosh was on the Olympic Basketball team and shows maturity and poise, whereas Stoudemire has shown signs of immaturity and openly complains about his role on the Suns on occasion. I don't think Riley would be naive enough to make such a blockbuster trade on the idea that Amare is the "end all, be all." Maybe if Leandro Barbosa was in the package it could be bearable, but as it stands he is out of our budget.

Acquisitions: Josh Howard (SF)
Departures: Udonis Haslem (PF) and Dorell Wright (SF)

This trade has probably never been mentioned by anyone yet, but the numbers line up and both teams receive something they want. Miami receives a legitimate 2nd scorer behind Wade, while Dallas receives toughness and depth. This deal would drastically improve Miami's offense and by alleviating the load off Wade and Beasley. The Mavs would be getting a scrappy defender and rebounder in Udonis Haslem that will set the tone on the defensive end in Dallas. Dorrell Wright could also excel in their run-n-gun style offense which plays to his athleticism. In all, both teams could come out winning in this scenario.

Acquisitions: Caron Butler (SF)
Departures: Udonis Haslem (PF) and Dorell Wright (SF)

This would be a bitter sweet trade off between two beloved players in Miami. On one hand, Miami reunites with the dynamic Caron Butler while parting ways with hardwood warrior Udonis Haslem. I'm sure Riley would love to see Caron back in a Miami uniform running the floor with a more experienced Dwyane Wade - a throwback to the 2003-'04 days. The Wizards would be receiving a valued piece in Haslem that can solidify their front court. Theoretically, it's a great fit for both teams.

* * *

Here's where we get a little bit creative and begin to think outside the box. Let's not forget about the non-traditional three team trades that are at the foundation of some of the biggest blockbuster trades in NBA history.

Since three team trades can be so unpredictable, we chose not to create a specific scenario, but rather poke at the possibilities of which teams and significant players could be involved in such trades.

Teams Involved: Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks
Heat Players: Udonis Haslem (PF) and Dorell Wright (SF)
Phoenix Players: Steve Nash (PG)
Knicks Players: Chris Wilcox (PF) and Chris Duhon (PG) and Wilson Chandler (SG)

A trade between the Knicks and Suns would probably occur without the Heat involved, but Riley could find a way of sticking is foot in the door and getting some value. Steve Nash has expressed some interest in playing for his coach Mike D'Antoni in New York before. If the numbers get set straight and Nash asks to be traded, this is definitely an option. Phoenix would receive Duhon, Haslem and Wright. Miami would receive Wilcox and Chandler. Draft picks could also be in the mix, especially towards Phoenix as they would be sending away a world class PG. It all may seem a bit iffy and unlikely, but if there is any reasonable possibility in your mind, then don't brush it off completely.

Teams Involved: Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks
Heat Players: Udonis Haslem (PF) and Dorell Wright (SF)
Warriors Players: Jamal Crawford (PG)
Hawks Players: Joe Johnson (SG)
Update (June, 2009): Jamal Crawford has been moved to the Atlanta Hawks already

The Warriors' GM has voiced his dislike of Crawford in the past and the Hawks have not thrown out the possibility of dealing swingman Joe Johnson. With that said, the Hawks could replace Johnson in the form of Crawford plus another player(s) and/or pick(s). The Heat would receive Johnson, while Golden State receives Haslem and Wright. Sounds too good to be true, but I'm sure some picks and developing players would be included. If the Hawks think that Johnson is not the answer, then expect him to be dealt with the right pieces in place.

Final Word:
There are plenty of other trade options out there, many of which may be more feasible than the ones we just propose, but like a broken record we must remember Pat Riley's unpredictable nature. Expect the unexpected, believe the unbelieveable, and most of all be prepared for a revamped Miami Heat team.

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