Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Brunch Rant Week 9

So once again the media has found a way of putting A-Rod back on the front page of their coverage. Although A-Rod has not even stepped onto the field yet this season, ESPN and other news outlets have found a way of discussing their obsession with A-Rod's steroids dilemma despite all the other events that are going on. Quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it and I'm sure many of you are too.

Alex Rodriguez has already been pummeled by the media's onslaught on his life. The steroids were only a piece to a larger puzzle of criticism that has clouded A-Rod's image since he stepped foot in New York. Some say it comes with the territory of being the highest paid player in professional sports (besides David Beckham's short stint in the LA Galaxy). I say it isn't worth the money if you are going to made into a sitcom every time you step into the public eye. He might be a superstar, but he still is a human being and deserves just a little bit of respect.

These allegations from Selena Roberts have me boiling because it seems like just another cutthroat attempt to jump on the A-Rob bashing wagon in order to gain publicity. Roberts may be a well-established columnist for the New York Times, but that gives her no expertise in the field of steroids and A-Rod's life. 

I mean, her allegations are all hearsay claims where she "believes" that someone "inferred" A-Rod's steroid use in high school by evaluating his weight and workout habits. It's a very dicey route to take when you are publishing a book and know that your data will be used against A-Rod. 

If it is all a PR stunt, I will be in disgust at her low blow attempt at gaining attention an book sales at the expense of another human. If she is correct, then A-Rod is to blame of course, but it all seems so "good to be true" that I'm just a big skeptic right now. Let's hear more about the bigger issues in sports right now besides one man's public defamation. 

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threio said...

Outrageous exploitation to sell a damn book. The thought of someone investigating what a HS did in regards to steriods is over the top--especially after you secretly hold his name (mitchell report), then leak after you do your research for a book!

a sneaky b*tch!

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