Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Presenting the All-NBA Funky Name Team...

You got to admit that the NBA has some players with pretty funny names (at least in American standards). In order to poke some fun at what the funkiest combination of player names on one team would be, we've constructed the All-NBA Funky Name Team. Some of these names just roll off the tip of your tongue or leave it in knots. Either way, I'm sure you can gain some form of useless amusement out of this "elite" list.

Starting at guard, swingman out of France - Yakhouba Diawara (Yuh-coo-buh D-uh-wah-raw).

At the other guard position, he's the mysterious Croation/Yugoslavian - Roko Ukic (Row-ko U-keech).

At forward, the quick striking London-born Englishman - Kelenna Azubuike (Kelly-nuh Aza-bookie).

Out of Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul, you heard right, at the other forward spot - Hedo Turkoglu (He-dough Turk-galoo).

Playing center, the big Lituanianian, AKA "Big Z," - Zydrunas Ilgauskus (Zidroo-nus Ill-gao-skus).

Coming off the bench we have:

The one, the only ZP27 - Zaza Pachulia (Pronunciation = Self-Explanatory).

He goes by one name and resides in the mile-high city; 4-letters, one man - Nene (Last name = Hilario - and that's not a typo).

Iran's best. The H2 7'2 big man from the Mid East - Hamed Haddadi (Just sound it out).

The prince from Cameroon standing tall at 6'8 - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Luke Ree-shard Bah Moo-tay).

He's the human Swiss army knife from the land of Switzerland - Thabo Sefolosha (It's pretty straight forward).

The Buffalonian with Nigerian roots, presenting ID3 - Ike Diogu - AKA Ikechukwu Somtochukwu Diogu (We're not even trying to pronounce that one).

Another Nigerian descendant born in the great state of Oregon - Ime Udoka (E-may U-dough-kuh).

And last but not least, the fan favorite, Big Pops - Pops Mensah-Bonsu (You get the point).

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