Monday, May 25, 2009

Marlins Bringing Out the Big Socks

In times like these when nothing goes your way, teams look towards unorthodox ways of changing up their approach, even if it means changing up their socks.

Cody Ross has notoriously been known to wear the big black socks with the Florida Marlins this season, but recently it has become more and more common to see other Marlins stylin' the high socks - namely, John Baker and Ronny Paulino.

When the sled keeps slipping down hill, you'll do anything to stop the drop and head back to the top. In this case, knee-high black fabric socks are that change.

Don't be surprised if more players on the roster catch on to this trend and begin to switch things up for the sake of good luck. The Marlins will need all the luck they can take as they will be facing a back-to-back series versus NL East rivals (the Phillies and Mets).

It's going to take a collective effort from the starters and relievers, as well as from the position players in their batting and fielding. Sounds pretty obvious, but the Fish typically do not excel in pitching, batting and fielding on a game by game basis.

It's time to flat out play the game of baseball in its entirety and end the one-sidedness that has run this Marlins team lately. The team is 9-24 after the 11-1 start, but only 45 games have been played in 162 -game season. It's time to hike up those socks and head out on that field for nine innings of sweat, struggle and hustle.

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threio said...

WHEW, those socks, look like they will give you an immediate bad case of athlete's foot! :)

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