Friday, May 8, 2009

Jimmy Buffet Rocks a Deal with Dolphin Stadium

On Friday, May 8th, Jimmy Buffet officially kicked off the newly dealt sponsorship between Dolphin Stadium and Land Shark Lager. The result: Land Shark Stadium. Whether you like the name or not, the title sponsorship is just another source of revenue that "helps pay the bills" for Steven Ross. We all know that's a necessity in this economic climate, even professional sports teams are hurting.

The deal is rumored to only be a one-year stint, but could always extend to a multi-year contract if things go well for both parties. At the event, a famous faces were in attendance including former Dolphins players (i.e. Nat Moore, Kim Bokamper, and more), Alonzo Mourning, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland - just to name a handful. The crowd stood around and enjoyed two of Buffet's classics, leading off with the theme song for laid-back living, "Margaritaville."

In essence, we were able to experience the stadium's newly manufactured sections, an exclusive mini-concert, the presence of other athletes and notables, as well as a goodie bag full of freebies. While many still like the old names (to the point that it will forever be called Joe Robbie in their minds), Land Shark Stadium is just a name and should not affect the sports experience in a significant way.

As I heard one lady say, "Yesterday I didn't like the name, but today I did. It probably had something to do with Jimmy Buffet." And what can you say, he's a lovable guy and a clever businessman. Cheers to a fresh start to 2009 at Land Shark Stadium!

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